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Romeo and Juliet Roméo et Juliette

No description

Jiaxin Chen

on 31 December 2015

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Roméo et Juliette

Romeo and Juliet Roméo et Juliette
deferences among versoions
different languages
Let's learn some French :)
L'amour heureux
About romeo end juliet
Romeo and Juliet is wrote by
William Shakespeare
Maybe Shakespeare wrote it between 1591-1595.

Est-ce que tu m'aimeras un jour,

Jusqu'à la fin du dernier jour?

Est-ce que tu m'aimeras encore,

Jusqu'à la fin jusqu'à la mort?

Est-ce que tu m'aimeras un jour, mon amour?
Will you love me someday?
Until the end of the last day?
Will you love me still
Until the end, until death?
Will you love me someday, my love?
=until, up to
The first publish
of Romeo and Juliet.
Published by John Danter
when you ask for direction, you may hear "vous allez jusqu'à la dernière rue", which means "you go up to the last street"
Gérard Presgurvic
=still, again
Gérard Presgurvic is a French composer.
He is the first person who made
the musical of Romeo and Juliet in 2001.
encore une fois=once again
Il est encore au travail.
=He's still at work.
mort de peur = scared to death
Elle était mort de peur.
She was scared to death.
an online french-english dictionary
on prie
on dire dans la rue
les rois du monde
la mort de roméo
j'ai peur 2001
j'ai peur 2010
la folie
le duel
romeo and juliet visited in taiwan in 2007!!
nearly 5 million viewers in the world
for example:
there are the death and the poet , a friend of Juliet , in the
version while there are not in the
dances add a number of
new elements
national characteristics
of dance as a change
Comparison of
classical music
, while the
Asian Tour
edition in favor of
popular music
, with a lot of
electronic music

in the
original version
, the costumes are inspired by
14th century
and are largely made of
during the
Asia Tour(2007)
, The Montague boys wear
colorful trench coats
while the costumes of the ball are
distinctly Roman
Lady Montague
Comte Capulet
The Nurse
Lord Capulet
Frère Laurent
Le Prince de Vérone Paris The Poet
the death of Romeo and Juliette
In the
original French
The character known as "Death" kills Romeo
with a kiss
. When Juliet wakes up to find him dead, the Death then hands her
Romeo's dagger
, which she uses to kill herself.
Hungarian Version
, Romeo
hangs himself
, and for Juliet, she kills herself with Romeo's dagger, however she
slits her wrists
instead of plunging the dagger into her heart.
la vengeance
so cute is the italien Romeo!!
avoir une fille
comment lui dire
sans elle
dou du désespoir
par amour
le balcon
le poète
un jour
la haine
roméo et juliette:
de la haine à l'amour
roméo et juliette:
les enfans de vérona
two different french versions
the 2001 version, known as the original version
the 2007 version, which preformed during Asia Tour and retour in Paris in 2010
Tybalt-Tom Ross
Juliet's cousin
,secretly in love with her.He vows an unfailing hate to the Montague,especially Romeo.He'll kill Mercutio before
being killed by Romeo
Lady Montague-
Eléonore Beaulieu
Admiring her son
Romeo,she detests,
just like Juliet's
mother,the hate
that divides the two families.
Lady Capulet- Isabelle Ferron
The Nurse-Réjane Perry
Loving Juliet more than her own life,she considers herself as Juliet's second mother and she's jealous of the birth mother.Until the end
she'll be the two lover's accomplice
Comte Capulet-Sébastien Chato
Man severe and authoritarian,his only weakness:
a possesive and crazy love for Juliet
,his daughter.
Wanting her to marry
,by force,Lord Paris,he will end up losing her.
Brave but powerless,she neglects Juliet,her daughter,and will vainly try to save her.She'll live through the rest of her life crying for her.
act 1
act 2
about romeo and juliet
William Shakespeare
Gérard Presgurvic
deferences among versoions
two different french versions
different languages
Let's learn some French :)

Brother Laurent
He is Romeo and Juliet’s pastor. He gave Juliet the fake poison to help her escape from her family. But they both died at the end.
The Poet
Juliet’s best friend and confident. He’s the silent witness of the drama.
The Dead
She symbolize anger,hate,and battle.
Beautiful,yong,arrogant,the city’s best match.
He loves Juliet .
He finally killed by Romeo in Juliet grave.
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