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No description

Henry Madubuobi

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Community

What Is Light Pollution? Light emitted into the sky reflects back to the ground. Light pollution suppresses melatonin

Decreased melatonin
leads to: Light pollution wastes energy, money, and fossil fuels. Three of Ed Ayres' 4 Spikes Leuning's Principle Principle of Global-Local
Connection Principle of Challenging indifference Principle of Health Breast
Cancer Disorients Newly Hatched Sea Turtle Egocentric Paradigm Cultural Imperialism Light Pollution !! The sovereign power of corporations limit actions in solving light pollution. Carbon dioxide Spike Extinction Spike Consumption Spike Burning Coal/
(electricity generation) Biodiversity Loss Increased Consumption Light Electricity Coal/Natural gas Exploitation of developing countries Poor Health!! Light pollution prevents trees to adjust to changing seasons PROSTATE CANCER LIGHT POLLUTION CRASHES MIGRATING BIRDS It affects frogs' ability to mate Affects bats' eating habits Development of Insomnia Niger Delta, Nigeria Forces of Globalization Egocentric Ecocentric Two-thirds of children have never
seen the Milky Way Red light=Good light Light Pollution Prerequisites of Health low income
Shelter Stable Ecosystem
Renewable resources Ottawa's Charter Health Promotion Strategies Education Social Media No Income
No Sensor Light Globalization Mediascape Technoscape Ideoscape Crashes Migrating Birds Earth's Shining Virus Las Vegas at Night Motion Sensor Lights Power to Advocate We are Not Alone on Earth!!
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