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World Wonders 1 Evaluation


saniye demirtaş

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of World Wonders 1 Evaluation

WORLD WONDERS 1 STUDENT PROFILE General Information about the Book: Writing 4th grade
10 years old
Learning English since 1st grade
Two English teachers, one of them is a native speaker
of English
Highly interactive lessons with audios, videos, group/individual work, blogs, colorful story books,
games, etc.
6 of English lesson in a week

-Organized always in the same way:
Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, Functional Language, Writing.
-Communicative Approach
-It is a core book of the program
-Teacher's book Includes terminology such as punctiation, connectors, etc.
Writing about their immediate environment (e.g. write a project about famous place in your country)

TED Ankara College Students
Impressionistic View The book appeals to the students visually
'Face Validity' is high
Not cluttered
Cyclical Approach
Grading is steep
Grammar Mixed methodology: From inductive to deducive
Use of terminology is only in grammar (e.g. affirmative, negative, possessive adjectives, etc. Reading Dialogues, short passages, e-mails, stories
Semi-authentic speaking - Question-answer type
- Unpredictability
- No guidance
- Picture talk Treatment of Vocabulary - Matching pictures with words
- Fill in the blanks
- Circle the correct words
- Vocabulary items are from the reading passage
- There is no obvious word category or topic
- Pictures match with the words
-There are review parts after every two units Criteria for External Evaluation 1) Do the aims of the coursebook correspond closely with the aims of the teaching program and teaching situation and with the needs of the learners?
2) Are style and approppriacy dealt with? If so, is language style matched to social situation? Criteria for Internal Evaluation 1) How much vocabulary is taught?

- 27 vocabulary items in one chapter
2)Is vocabulary presented in a structured or purposeful way?
-purposeful way
-connected to real life context 3) Does the material enable students to expand their own vocabulary knowledge independently by helping them to develop their own strategies?
-inferring meaning 4) Are learners sensitize to the structure of the lexicon through vocabulary learning exercises based on:
-semantic rel.
*There is a grouping of words
-situational rel.
*Vocabulary items associated with one particular situation
*not many
-relationships of form Are we happy with the book?
- 70%
-Simplification and the order of the structure?
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