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Monday 10/27/14

No description

Amy Swanson

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Monday 10/27/14

Do Now
This week's quotes will be an exploration of ENVY. Next week, we will explore admiration and then compare our analyses of the two concepts. Remember, include today's date: 10/27/14 and copy the quote completely and accurately, including the author's name. Finally, respond thoughtfully.

"Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind."

"Never trust anyone who wants what you've got. Friend or no, envy is an overwhelming emotion.
-Eubie Blake
Article of the Week
Aaaaand... we're back! Here it is! Your article of the week, back after a relaxing week vacation! So, remember our strategy: pre-read the questions, annotate with purpose, use textual evidence to answer the questions.

This week's article is pretty gross. Sorry.
Roots: Lesson 7
Show Don't Tell
1. Pick one of the sentences from pg. 1 to improve by "showing."
2. For each passage, after I read it aloud, choose a "mood" word from the box that you feel represents it. Underline or Highlight words that
contribute to the mood.
3. Use your DESCRIPTIVE WORDS packet
to improve/complete this "spooky
4. List some words you might use
for each category.
Monday 10/27/14
You may work with a partner on this project. After we complete the writing part of the project, we will create videos using ANIMOTO. Let's look over the assignment expectations, Graphic Organizer, and rubric.
Then we will start our planning.
Today we will only have a few minutes. The rest of the week we will have more time!
The Tell-Tale Heart
First, let me introduce you to the idea of the unreliable narrator. In your packet, please take a look at the chart to track information about the unreliable narrator.
Pay close attention while we read to any clues Poe provides that the narrator's story is tainted by his madness.
Ten-minute Silent Journal
Free-write in response to the following in the journal section of your binder.
Questions you *may* respond to:
What makes a person "unreliable"?
What makes you think a narrator in a story "unreliable"?
Why might an author choose to use an "unreliable" narrator to tell a story?
What stories have you read that had an unreliable narrator?
What kind of story might you be "unreliable" to tell?
Ten-Minute Journal
You are a young man or woman living in Baltimore, MD in the year 1846- just one year after "The Raven" was published and became immediately successful. Your father has brought you along to a dinner party at which Edgar Allan Poe is present. You end up being seated near him and talk to him for a while. Write your impressions of Poe in your "diary." Based on what you learned in your webquest, what would you have thought after meeting someone like Poe?
Detective Stories
In the packet, you will find:
1. The assignment requirements.
2. A planning organizer
3. A brainstorming page
4. A rubric
You may choose a partner or work alone. We will begin our work today.
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