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Seth Wescott 2014 Olympics

No description

Jordan Mouzon

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Seth Wescott 2014 Olympics

Seth Wescott 2014 Olympics
Wescott now 37 had grown up in a fairly athletic family. His father being a cross country coach and his mom being a teacher at the University of Maine Farmington. Seth had started snowboarding at the age of 10 and had eventually gone to the slopes of Alaska to start training.
Seth Wescott debuted in the olympics in 2006 and had won the gold in the snowboard cross and had also won again in the 2010 snoeboard cross but has met a sexually orientated obstacle for the Olympian has spoken out on Russia banding gay propaganda from the winter olympics this year which may tarnish it's image along with his possible eligibility as a non supporter being an athlete.
Top Competetors/sponsors
Shaun White and Lidnsy Vonn are seth's biggest competition when it comes to competing in the olympics. In my opinion seth wescott would be the perfect sponsor for monster energy drinks because he interacts well with people of all ages and has been known as an adrenaline junky.
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