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The Circle

There we have a mind map of the text "The Circle" which we can find at page 407 of our books.

Samuel Hust

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of The Circle

The Circle
- Dave Eggers

After Truyou

Unified Operating System
Transparency (Politicians, Companies)
No "Trolls"
The server knows who is on that webpage
Before TruYou
Each account with its own password
No unified system
Politicians without 24/7 control: corruption
Anonymous profiles and comments
Comparison to "The second age of Reason" (p.403)
The Circle: it could serve as advertising campaign promoting "The Circle".
---> words like best, preferences, instead of, The era of...was over show the author's position
The text on page 403 shows both points of view of the internet conflict.

The Circle as Utopia?

Utopia: Project, wish or idyllic plan
Best technological systems
No privacy
Combine work and social internet life
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