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Personal Program for Happiness

No description

shawn barry

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Personal Program for Happiness

Personal Program for Happiness
By: Shawn Barry
PSY 5013 My Character Strengths Learning about all of my 24 strengths enlightened me.
I learn more about myself. I like knowing I have strengths
to build on and not deficits to overcome. Positive Psychology The reading of this book brought wonderful new information.
It showed how to apply it through the "mini-experiments. A life's journey does mean studying and work. I found the entire course
to be beneficial to build on my strengths. Three Good Things and Gratitude The gratitude journal offered a wonderful addition to my
appreciating life and what I have been offered.
I love looking a big and little items in life to be grateful for daily.
Meditation I had first learned to
meditate in a meditation
class at Maya Yoga in Kansas
City, MO. I enjoyed "The Breathing
Space" audio file in this class. When I
meditate, I say to myself: Om or Let Go,
Let God. Currently, I have found time since
this class began to meditate at least six days
a week. I average five minutes meditation however
one day a week I meditate for ten minutes at a time.
It has helped my days go by smoother and I am more focused. Flourish
By: Dr. Martin Seligman Works Cited: The Prezi was reformatting each time I copied and pasted
the works cited properly; so I have attached
a Google Docs link. https://docs.google.com/document/d/198T7JbNtw71tM06P6jjVDrK4t3vWvymigdyZ86f1PMk/edit VIA Survey of Character Strengths
by: Dr. Martin Seligman My top 13 strengths Strength #13 of my survey was spirituality. I focused on this for week 2 assignment. I had recently been recommended the book "Jesus Calling." I also chose the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know" to also learn more about spirituality. I have been asking myself in prayer "where I fit in" but to embrace the present and reflect daily. I have not yet finished this book. I have read the first half of the book. It goes slightly more in depth about creating more well being in one's life.
One of its exercises is the "Three Good Things" but asks the person to ask why the good thing happened. This daily lesson has shown to be very effective in lessening signs of depression and enhancing well being. I believe this daily practice helps a person stay focused.
It can also bring clarity or new ideas to life. Week 3 Word document wrote, "Grateful people enjoy higher levels of optimism and lower levels of anxiety and depression, compared to average people." (I could not properly cite this as Happier.com could not be opened.) On a side note, the movie "Happy" shares positive psychology and brings so many recent occurences in present day. My favorite quotes from the book include:
"If you can't laugh at yourself, you have missed the biggest joke of all" (Snyder, xxiv).
"WOO: WOO stands for "winning others over." ...They derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with another person." (Snyder, 42).
"transcend particular cultures and politics and approach universality" (Snyder, 80.).
"I sleep late, I pray, go shrimping for a while, play with my children, take siesta with my wife, Maria, examine and repair the net, On Sundays, I go to mass and spend the rest of the day with la familia. I have a full and busy life, Senor. I am very happy" (Snyder, 85).
"Kids are amazing....Daddy, it is starting to feel like we have a home again." (Snyder, 145.).
"He hit well tonight...Some moisture must have gotten on the ball...Sometimes you go through these kind of days." (Snyder, 180).

All of these quotes and there are many more express what positive psychology is and the stories after these quotes proved a positive approach was beneficial.

Building strengths not deficits. I like on page 11 when the mini-experiment asked what you want to experience. Positive psychology is not cultural specific. "Positive emotions may increase resistance to the common cold." (Snyder, 126.).
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