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communications technolgies

how technology shaped our communication to the world

jordan owens

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of communications technolgies

communications technologies advances in communincations
technologies have allowed people
around the world to communicate
instantly or to watch the same event
at the same time. the use of atm machines and
internet bankers has singificatly
reduced costs for the banking
industry. computers allow businesses
to process,share and store
huge amounts of information
on a disk or acomputer chip stocks bondsand other securities
can be traded or and the clock
and aroud the world. the in internet, fax machines,cell
phones and satellites allow
poeple to communicate instanly
from almost any where with thier
employers and customers. when candians want to order
certain products or get advice
about a problem with an elactronic
device we can phone, email,or
fax a call center that might be
located in another country. fibre optics and satellites
have vastly expanded our
ability to communicate.
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