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Klinefelter's Syndrome

No description

Leyla Durmus

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of Klinefelter's Syndrome

No cure :(
Testosterone Therapy
start around age 11 or 12
Clinical Psychologist
Depression, anxiety, etc.
Speech Therapist
for adolescents
Inheritance Pattern
Not inherited
Due to parental non-disjunction during cell division
Mosaic Klinefelter Syndrom
doesn't have extra chromosome in each cell
Signs and Symptoms
In adults,
small testicles
poor facial hair growth
increase in breast tissue (gynaecomastia)
long arms and legs which are disproportional to the body
In children and adolescents:
speech delay
problems regarding attention span
What is it?
Klinefelter's Syndrome
Leyla Durmus

Known as the XXY Syndrome
Discovered by Dr. Harry Kleinfelter
Affects males only
An additional X chromosome on the karyotype 47 (46, XY)
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