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Minutemen & Sons of Liberty

No description

Keanna Johnson

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Minutemen & Sons of Liberty

Minutemen & Sons of Liberty Purpose? Who were they? History in the
Revolutionary War These men were some who first fought in the revolutionary war. Members of an organized and prepared militia companies from Massachusetts. Only men and they were specially chosen to be in the group. Mostly young to give a more mobile and quick way for colonists to respond to threats. Started in the Massachusetts Bay, but the
idea spread to all the colonies to protect all colonists. Where in the colonies were they located? Well Known Minutemen Isaac Davis Minutemen Sons of Liberty Where in the colonies were they located? Who were they? Purpose? History in the revolutionary war This group was made to protect the rights of the colonists and to rebel against the stamp taxes. Just like the Minutemen, the idea started in one colony, but eventually spread to others because it was such a good idea. This idea started in the North American British colonies instead of Massachusetts. Well known Sons of Liberty Paul Revere Patrick Henry James Otis John Hanckock Samuel Adams The Sons of Liberty dumped a lot of tea into a body of water to show that they are rebelling against the Stamp Act and that they do not want to pay taxes for their tea. This is known to have been called the Boston Tea Party. The government didn't like this act of rebellion so they launched the Intolerable Act which means that they strengthened their rules. This act lead to the Revolutionary War. By the time the war came, the Minutemen have been training and improving for over 100 years. When the war started, all the towns put there militia together to make one huge army. However, the Minutemen did not have good communication which resulted in thel loss of the Revolutionary War. All participants in the Sons of Liberty were American patriots. Joseph Anthony Ebenezer Munroe Aron Willard Fortune Burnee
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