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The Role of Educational Technology Coordinator

No description

Ashley Flores

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of The Role of Educational Technology Coordinator

Content Knowledge
Professional Growth Welcome To My Desk Ashley N. Flores Success and excellence in technology integration across the district in all content areas. Design, implement and evaluate
Professional Learning Programs
Information and Communication Infrastructure
Communication and Collaboration
Current Research and Emerging Technologies Must have Systemic Improvement by improving and managing all technology resources and information. I will make sure we continually progress.

->Progam evaluation before and after purchasing. I want to know what teacheres think about the programs!
->Establishing and maintaining communication amongst departments in the district
->Ensure we provide adequate technology infrastructure for all teachers! . Research-Based Learning Strategies Brainstorming Results Step 3
Excellence in Professional Practice Step 2-Establish a
Digital-Age Learning Culture Step 1-Visionary Leadership http://edmodo.com/missaflores Technology Integration Coordinator Anywhere Schools ISD, Anywhere Texas To-Do List
*Presentation on
What I do?
As the edtech coordinator I will help create, implement and lead a comprehensive integration plan that is inline with the district's vision. Always promoting excellence and providing support. Our Vision... Must Be A Shared Vision
I will
implement a shared vision for support of a digital-age education for all students. Must involve technology-infused strategic planning for policies, procedures, budget and funding
I will

Basically a lot of planning and number crunching. Our Vision Our Vision Our Vision Needs an Advocate
I will promote and do what is in my power to "influence policies, procedures, programs, and funding strategies to create a technology infrastructure and professional development and instructional programs necessary to support a digital-age education for all
NETS-C I will create, promote, and sustain a digital-age learning culture for all students in the district by researching and evaluating and finding the best and most effective resources. Digital Tools and Resources Find and evaluate what the best tools for district. Assessment and Differentiation support research-based differentiation and assessment practices Model the best research-based
methods for technology integration in
face-to-face, blended, and online instruction Student Technology Standards Ensure there is a unified and implemented scope and sequence for district technology related courses Learning Communities Provide and promote global and online
professional learning communities Step 4 Step 5
Digital Citizenship Model and verify everyone (educators students, admin) understand and have been taught the ethical, legal and social responsibilities of online communication and the digital culture. Step 6 -Pedagogy
-technical services
-lifelong learner :) What I do and Don't Do -Provide training and/or
support to
all educators, technologist and
technical services staff
throughout the district.

program or install new hardware/software. Trainings and workshops coming your school soon!

*Edmodo, what is it all about?
*Upgrade your Portfolio using Project Share
*Discovery Education-Get your account set and ready to go!
*BrainPOP for Educators-tips, tricks and quick fixes. EDTC 5325
Ashley N. Flores Office Hours
Feel free to Edmodo me anytime! Tech it UP a Notch! AKA-technician, trainer, curriculum consultant, curriculum designer, planner and policy maker. I plan and find ways to successfully integrate
technology at AISD. Here is how: I'm always learning
I'm unable to fix computers,
printers, build websites,
Someone in our district equipped with those skills can be assigned to help with technical service needs!
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