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The High Line Park

No description

Damien Fonvieille

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of The High Line Park

Frank Gehry-designed building that was completed in 2007 What ? The HIGH LINE Park Who ? Target : New York habitants and Tourist Why ? Abandoned since 1980 Under threat of demolition An occasion to make an open space in the city How ? Where ? When ? Preserving an historic structure 1.45-mile (2.33 km) Creating an elevated natural park Manhattan’s West Side On the old high line 2008
Landscape Construction begins on Section 1, with construction and installation of pathways, access points, seating, lighting, and planting Web site's logo Blog's logo Installation in the park Contrast between the old rail way and the new high line park Plants and flowers Context The high line park was constructed in order to keep and historic place living in the city. This elevated rail line was construct because of the
of the traffic
who cross the rail The last train used this rail in 1980 for the last time Owners of the land under the rail way want to destroyed the high line but the association «Friends of the High Line» decide to protect it and to transform it in a park. June 9, 2009
Section 1 (Gansevoort Street to West 20th Street) opens to the public. June 8, 2011
Section 2 (West 20th Street to West 30th Street) opens to the public. Nice/different view Context - Design chairs - Green plants Strategy Use the historic structure Graphic chart made to remember the old rail way Keeping the rail into the design of the park Use special vocabulary like "Section" or "Rail Yards" and others Strategy Give people a better life quality Social aspect Made by an association and
volunteers Ecology and sustainable
development A green meeting place in the heart of town A lot of parternship
with artisanal restaurant Seasonal vegetable and fruit External Communication SOCIAL SOUP EXPERIMENT
October 22, 2011
Hundreds of people gather for a one-pot meal at a communal table in a restaurant without walls placed on the High Line. Historical preservation Community Strategy Economic aspect Communication Events External Communication Graphics charts Frank Gehry-designed building in 2007 External Communication Website and Blog External Communication Socials Networks Tweeter Facebook External Communication Partnership Partnership with the city of New York Partnership with restaurants Partnership with schools Commission High Line Art External Communication Press They use the notoriety of this historic place, the nature and the communitarian aspect to communicate Some titles : All the Buzz: Citizen Scientists Watch Bees on the High Line Friends of the High Line Get 'Cubed' The Neighborhood Below Dia Art Foundation Calls Off Museum Project Thank you
for your attention Supported by the cityzen.
They have a real volunty to realise this park.
They are also a dynamic team.

Need to have sufficient financial funds for this project.
Need to convain the city.
volunters is hard to control, it's not a company but an association

The rail way is out of line since 1980 and make an ideal place to rennove.
It's an original project.
There is a lot of shops and commercials business to make around the park

A group of property owners want to demolish the entire structure.
Maintenance is expensive They make a lot of communication around the park, they organize event and activities to maintain an active community.

They make a partnership with the city and the shops around to raise funds.

They have make a lot of press communication to be support and well known and attract tourist.
Strengths : Weakness : Opportunity : Threats : Solutions : Competition
La promenade plantée, Paris
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