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The Pika

No description

Marko Sacka

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Pika

The Pika
Food For Thought
This is a pika. It is a small mammal that resembles a rabbit, has large but not long ears and no tail. It can be black, brown, grey, white, and tan.
YO HOMIE! I'm a pika.
And no it's not a pikachu
It always wheres hats like this and I swear I didn't photoshop it.
This amazing animal is a nightmare to all
grasses, sedges, thistles, berries, and fireweed. I
hear some plants call it the tongue of death.
Pikas travel up to 13 hours A DAY to gather
vegetation, compared to humans he make
us and our technology look really inefficient.
But honestly that's a lot and if look at this
guy and you were a plant...
The meadows give pikas lots
of prey (Plants) to eat and
gather, But honestly this guy
is a legendary food collector
Size, Weight, and Speed
This ultra cool guy runs at an
astonishing rate of 24 km/h and that's not bad for a guy of 6-8 inches, especially compared to our sad 16 km/h average and the advantage of us being ALOT larger. Man, we are not that fast.
Not only is these guy super compact
they weight a small 27-260g
Hurry up slow poke.
So fast.
These guys live in rocky mountainous areas by meadows along the Rockies.
They chose this place because it is unattractive
to lots of potential predators but, still has a few
like the weasel; its the main predator, along with birds of prey, dogs, foxes and cats.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata (because they have back bones)
Class: Mammalia (because it has hair)
Order: Lagomorpha (they have a pair of incisors)
Family: Ochotonidae
Genus: Ochotona
Spices: Ochotona principa

habits and adaptations
-Pikas travel to other
pika clans so
they can mate.
Sorry ash
Hey there pretty laddie.
-Pika will travel higher in the mountains when its summer because they have thick coats of fur and its hot for them if they were too low.

Oh yeah I'm on top.
You get the pun?
-While pikas make their homes in fracture in the mountain they live in they will dig around if there is not enough room.
I'm gonna make this
place your home
Humans make it harder and harder for a pika to survive due to the cause of global warming. This causes pikas to move higher and higher up in their mountain witch destroys their efficiency of gathering food.

Sadly they are in the (Th.) threatened category and it isn't fair that this has to happen to them! We can help save the pika and so many different animals animals with such little actions. LETS DO IT!


What is the pikas prey?

What do they (the pray) call it?
The tongue of death.
Grasses, sedges, thistles, berries, and fireweed.
true or false
Is the pika is related to a squirrel?
False, the pika is more closely related to rabbits and hares.
In which part of a mountain
do pikas live in?
They live in crevices
What a loser!
He'll never find me
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