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Innate Immunity

No description

Susanne Polap

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of Innate Immunity

Innate Immunity Adaptive Immunity Immune System Fast response 0-12h Defense against microbes The Complement System Phagocytotic cells Barriers Epithelial surface Antimicrobiotic Proteins Cytokines Pattern recognition rezeptors Toll-like rezeptors - B-Lymphozytes
- T-Lymphocytes Antibody production Long life memory Fast response by second infection Long response by first infection No memory PAMP´s = Pathogen associated molecular patterns Response to products of injured cells Defensines Production: Epithelial cells of mucosa - Natural Killer Cells
- Granulocytes
- Dendritic cells
- Macrophages Phagocytosis - Glycoproteins - Growth - Diffetentiation - Interferons (Cells produce proteins)
- Interleukins (Cell kommunikation)
- TNF´s (Tumor Necrosis Factors)
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