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All intellectual rights are held by myself (where relevant), the Clients, Production agencies and Blitz Communications.

Grant Roberts

on 24 November 2016

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Transcript of Portfolio

Lead Graphic Designer, with 14 years proven ability to deliver tailored graphic design solutions for clients across diverse industry sectors including; Investment Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Music and Advertising, Car Manufacturing and Leading Technology firms; working throughout Europe, North& South America and Asia/Pacific regions.
In depth knowledge of presentation design principles and methods, core layout and typography, pre-production, story-boarding and written planning. Full understanding of multimedia concepts, navigation and its utilisation including experience with video editing and animation.

I love what I do...
(Not quite in the 'Anchorman' "I love lamp" kind of way... )

I love creating, designing, taking a client's message and producing amazing work, ultimately delivering it; to employees, customers, the public at large.

This is what I do. This is what I am passionate about. I hope you enjoy having a look through these projects I have selected.
Original Design submitted for event
Award design had to include elements that existed on print flyer/poster (the logo and cricket players), with all elements animated.
The template has continued to be used, annually at the event.
Assets provided; flyer
Award template. Design created based of the print flyer created for the event.
Assets provided; print flyer.
Second of three design variations
Final design variant of the three submitted
Design created for a pitch to FTSE 100 firm. Initial colour scheme versions were not fitting with the main content so an additional colour design was created to the clients agreement.
Template design and created based on the chosen logo design. Two colour templates were needed to provide a choice for presenters dependent on the specific event.
Themed holding slides tied to the city where the event is held designed and developed on-site. Animated versions, where the graphics lent themselves, were created as extras.
Design created for a internal demo when a production company visited. Its purpose was to show capabilities of Keynote for presentation use.
Internal production company design template. Design was based around existing website design, with the intention for the template to reflect and compliment this existing design.
War themed design created, based on client new targeted marketing/sales approach for the new sales quarter.
Four triple, overlapped and blended, projection screens driven by Dataton Watchout media systems. These were projected on to the four rooms of the nightclub venue.

Provided with just the Media Guardian logo I had to create mirroring designs and animate so that the where the screens met in two opposite corners, they fitted together without flaws.
A financial event using a wide screen backdrop.

The client brief required an evening background with a city-esque feel, that included the main theme of the BRIC nations.
I was asked to create a new awards template for an event which I had developed designs for the previous year. There was no particular stipulations in the brief. In the end, the client was still happy with the previous years design that they chose to continue using it, with minor adjustments.
Client brief was for an awards template to be used during the evenings entertainment at a James Bond 'Casino Royale' event. The initial design colours were changed to fit more closely with the brand (although at this point the end client did not have any formal brand guidelines).

I created an additional looping animation that followed closely the opening credits of the majority of all Bond movies, to be used for walk-in before the main awards began. This was not requested, however I felt it was important to have to 'complete the whole feel' of the design.
An award template created based initially with just the main logo for basis. The first design (shown top right) was 'softened' as a more simplified design was requested. This then developed into design two (bottom right) before finally becoming design three (left).
Flyer design based on existing logo. An animated logo was created in Keynote for display on Plasma monitors at exhibition.
Initial logo design. Initial concepts based around youth, and learning. Black board logo chosen.
Developed business cards and further print elements in the works.
Full logo design.
Web-edge existed as client domain name, so development to create a logo that tied to the word "edge", however I wanted to soften it with typography.
Once logo was signed off, the business cards were created and printed including colour edging.
Flyer adjusted from clients template already purchased adding new brand elements. Website backgrounds were designed including a colour variant for different pages.
A clean Ad design for an exhibition magazine led to several designs. These were based on traditional company advertisements that existed, with new look and feel brand developments being used.
My favourite pushed the brand look down a slightly more conceptual route, moving away from show images to subtle use of space and words.
An Ad run in a high profile cricket magazine, themed to the sport, copy deepening the connection.
Again this moved away from image based treatments in the past and a very different look to the advertisement of other companies within the publication. The Ad looked clean, it had a level of playfulness and resulted in some new business leads.
Web banner design for Blitz website. Concept, to show all elements that the Graphics department was involved with, including; software, hardware we worked with and the differing aspect ratios.
Redesign of look and feel for pitch documentation, working to my initial brand development created for company Credentials presentation.
Design look to be developed further...
Logo design based on client brief of "Delivering 2011" to be incorporated into a conference template design built from scratch. Colour schemes based on previous templates created for TNT.

In the final version the new styling given to the bottom throughout was replaced with an earlier version, from another existing template, as per the clients request.
Client brief was to create a logo based on the pharmaceutical drug name CLL-11.

The original logo designs and colour scheme were presented successfully, with feedback generating a new colour scheme and it was at this point we discovered my design, uniquely fitted with an updated design of the medical company's own logo (undertaken by an agency separate to our own).
Design of template created (based on the image of the sculpture provided) to tie in with a sporting theme due to the event commencing not long after the commonwealth games. Other sporting section slides with athletes in sporting poses were developed after end-client sign off.
First of three alternative designs for a key event
Keynote presentation created to run with a detailed script, by the presenter, describing features and functions about the latest car model.

The main brief was to make sure that the animations were as 'film-like' as possible.

Special consideration had to be used in my programming as very Hi-Res images pushed the software and hardware of the system to the max.
Keynote presentation exported to video format for playback using the Pandoras Box media and control system.

The brief was to create an animation for the registration and cloakroom area running through the in-house system. The text requested for use was the word 'Welcome' and to be translated into the major languages of the delegates attending the vehicle launch event.

The look and feel of the animation was left entirely up to me.
Presentations designed for a production client to demonstrate using single and twin projectors to create wide screen displays. Content was created in both Keynote and PowerPoint.
Original Concept layouts including G-Lec LED panel content and PiPs. Brief was for a day time progression for backdrop into evening for awards. These concepts were then created in After Effects and displayed using the Hippotizer system.
Conference template designed for PowerPoint 2010. To appear as a Picture in Picture over wide-screen background
Assets provided; logo.
Awards template designed for Keynote. To appear as a Picture in Picture over wide-screen background
Assets provided; logos.
Show photographs of event
Assets provided; logos.
Award template. Design brief was simply a light & lite background, that's clean and fresh, keeping a corporate feel.
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