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Marketing Mix -PS4

No description

Quinn Boyce-Bacon

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Mix -PS4

P2 - Price
How the PS4 is packaged
Development Stage of the PS4
PS4 Price
I believe that the Playstation 4 is somewhere between
the introduction stage and the growth stage.

The main competitors to the PS4 are the Microsoft X-Box One and the Nintendo Wii U.
In New Zealand the retail price of the Playstation 4 is $650.
In the US the Playstation 4 retail price is $400.

The pricing strategy is most likely competitive pricing, the X-Box One costs $750.
The X-Box One's price is $100 more than the PS4 most likely becuse it includes a camera, a camera is optional with the PS4.
Product - Price - Place - Promotion
Product Uses
PS4 Price Part 2
The Playstation 4 is a revolutionary game console from the 8th generation of gaming consoles. The PS4 also allows you to instantly log in to your Playstation Network account with facial recognition and use voice inputs to navigate thru the menus.

If you are not at home you can continue your PS4 games on your Playstation Vita.

The Playstation 4 also has live movie and TV show streaming services

The reason for being (Putake) of Sony's PS4 is to create the best possible gaming experience for the consumer.

Sony is a leader in electronics and entertainment products, They are fully committed to responsible corporate citizenship and enviromental stewardship through its products, practices and its people. That is how they show kaitiakitanga (Guardianship of resources).

One of the unique selling points of the PS4 is the multi-touch pad on the controller. Another unique selling point is that the PS4's hard drive is removable, compared to the non removable hard drive on the Xbox One. The PS4's unique and sleek design may attract more customers compared to the Xbox One's massive fat design.
With the current price point at $650 this puts it at its highest price point due to it being in its early growth stage creating excitement with new state of the art features allowing the product to be priced at a premium.

Marketing Mix -PS4
P1 - Product
The Playstation 4 is
packaged in an eye catching box with clean lines, however still displays features and benefits.
P3 - Place
Well known retail outlets are all line priced at $649.99 with a slightly cheaper option being an online shop at $599.

While a saving of $50 is significant this is not available at the same time and does not allow hype around the demonstration in store and around the launch of the product allowing the retail outlets to gain initial sales.

The premium price being asked supports the quality and innovation that Sony portrays.

Predominantly the information on the PS4 can be found via the internet or gaming magazines, these avenues are well suited to this type of gamer.
Where can you buy it
Pricing Comparisons

All competitors use similar strategies with the same retailers.

The key success being first to market by any of the players along with building loyalty to one brand.
The main distribution channel of the Playstation 4 being a technology retailer better relates to a gamers needs, a gaming consumer can test out the console in store and see if its well worth the price compared to competitors, compared to browsing the web looking at videos and pictures of the product etc.
P4 - Promotion
Target Market
From previous experiences with selling gaming
consoles/accessories Sony know their target market pretty well; Teens and young adults, but people of all ages enjoy the console.

The different game options will appeal to a different crowd, the same will go for the various downloadable apps.
Video Promotion
This promotion strategy's main method is to show off the main and exclusive games on the PS4 since the PS4 is a gaming console after all. Other more in depth promos for the PS4 can be found on youtube.
Other methods of promotion for the PS4 such as posters are no where near as popular and are rarely seen most likely because the target market is more likely to see an internet promo since the target market is young gamers.
Promotional Strategy
While there is more than one aspect of the marketing mix.

The promotional strategy focuses on
the hype and excitement around launch dates and the need to have the latest technology, creating a buzz around the fan base.

This in turn has people queuing all night to be first to purchase.
Pieces of information have been
used from the following links



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