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05.05 DNA: Introduction to Heredity

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Wynter Ragan

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of 05.05 DNA: Introduction to Heredity

05.05 DNA: Introduction to Heredity

1. In your own words, describe chromosomes, genes, and DNA
Chromosomes are a little parts of a person that makes up genes
Genes are a part of DNA that is what gives all of your physical traits such as eye color, hair color, skin color, etc.
DNA are the things that gives people their characteristics and qualities passed down from your ancestors and families.

2. Recall that traits are observable characteristics of an individual. Some examples given in this lesson were tongue rolling, earlobe shape, and the presence or absence of a widow’s peak.
I do believe some of the most observable characteristics of an individual include dimples, freckles and what hand you use to write with or maybe eye color and skin tone.
3. Explain why individuals in a population have different observable traits. Use your observation skills to find two examples of traits that you have inherited. These traits must be different from the ones that are discussed in the lesson.
People have different observable traits due to the DNA they have had passed down in their family. Two of the traits I have definitely inherited from my family is my height and my eyes. Most of my family are rather tall on my dads side of the family, while I was given my mothers eye color of the shade of blue
Science presentation, 5.05.
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