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A Wrinkle In Time

No description

Miranda Jackson

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of A Wrinkle In Time

Chapter 1:
"Mrs. Whatsit"
This chapter is about how Meg Murry thought that shes was worthless, stupid, useless, a delinquent, and a bother to everyone and everything. Even the weather. Meg was an outkast. Her and her little brother, Charles Wallace, were outkasts of the entire town. Charles was considered 'just not right' and 'subnormal'. Nobody in the town cared enough about her family. Meg's father had disappeared out of the blue, and everyone in the town thought that he had just left the family, which caused the family to become outkasted and considered 'subnormal'. One day, or should I say night, their town was having a small hurricane. In the middle of the night, 3/5 of her family was awake and they heard noises coming from the lab in their kitchen. It turned out to be an old lady named Mrs. Whatsit. Mrs. Whatsit stayed for a little bit and had a sandwich. Two things that made Mrs. Whatsit different was the fact that she knew about Meg's Mother and Father's theory about a tesseract. "There is such a thing as a tesseract." Is what Mrs. Whatsit said that made Meg's Mother be caught by surprise.
Chapter 2: Mrs. Who
This chapter shows how Meg is struggling in school. It shows that Meg doesn't care about her work and how she doesn't believe anyone but her mother when they say her father isn't coming home. "The most belligerent, uncooperative child in school." Is what her own principal says to her face. When Meg gets home, Charles Wallace takes her to see Mrs. Whatsit. They meet a boy named Calvin O'Keefe on the way. Calvin say something just brough him out there, like he got this feeling that he had to go walking. He said he felt something like a compulsion. Anyways, they go to the haunted house where Mrs. Whatsit lives. This is where they meet Mrs. Who. There, they find out why Mrs. Who took Mrs. Buncombe's sheets. Also, Mrs. Who quickly shoos them away and tells them that the time is not right and they must wait. But, the question is, what is about to happen and why is the time not right?
Chapter 3: Mrs. Which
This chapter is about how Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin Meet Mrs. Which. This chapter also looks into how Calvin and Meg have a little something that might start between them. "Maybe we weren't supposed to meet before this. I mean, I knew who you were in school and everything, but I didn't know you. But I'm glad we've met now, Meg." Is what Calvin said to Meg as they were walking back from Mrs. Who & Mrs. Whatsit's house, on their way to Meg & Charles Wallace's house for dinner. There, at Meg's home, is where we find out more about Calvin's family. Calvin has a big family who seems to not care about him at all, yet he loves them. Calvin says Meg is lucky to have all of this; A beautiful Mother, A marvelous home, and some great siblings. All of the things that Calvin doesn't have. Calvin finds out how much of a math genius Meg is. After dinner and Charles Wallace getting tucked into bed, Meg and Calvin go for a walk. This is where we find out more about Meg's father. Meg's father is a really smart scientist who was traveling a lot, so Meg's family just settled in her current town. Her Father and Mother use to write everyday, but the letters stopped coming. Her mother still writes him every night though. After Meg and Calvin talk for a while, it's finally time. Time t go and retrieve Meg's father. Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, And Mrs. Which all come to get them and take them to wherever their journey starts.
Chapter7: The Man with Red Eyes
In this chapter, Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin go inside of CENTRAL Central Intelligence Center, and there they get sent to a man with red eyes. The man with red eyes tries to 'take' Charles. The man says he has been waiting for them. The man tries to take all of them under pressure and make them become of "IT". The man succeeds in taking Charles Wallace under his spell, and they lose Charles.
A Wrinkle In Time
By: Miranda Jackson
A Wrinkle In Time is a book that is mainly about family. It features some Sci-Fi things in it, too. But the main lesson in A Wrinkle In Time is that you have to face your fears for family. For almost anyone really. The character Meg showed a lot of character development. At first, in the beginning, she was this girl who thought she was unlucky, unloved, not smart, someone who had a lot of fears, and was alone. By the end of the book Meg was complete, felt loved, fearless, and she finally realized that she was smart all along. Meg made lots of new friends along the way, and she learned that family is all you ever have and all you ever really need. Meg felt complete for the first time in a long time. The book A Wrinkle In Time is a very fulfilling, lesson-filled, and heartwarming book that I would read all over again. I recommend this book to everyone and anyone that has the wonderful ability to read. This book was complete and utter bliss to read. It teaches you many life lessons that you will use and need to know along your rocky journey that is life.
Chapter 4: The Black Thing
This chapter is about how Meg, Charles Wallace, Calvin, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which go through 'The Black Thing'. After traveling through that, they end up on Uriel, the third planet of the star Malak in the spiral nebula Messier 101. They found out that they do not travel at the speed of anything. They tesser, or wrinkle. Mrs. Whatsit metamorphs into her original form, and she takes them up to see one of Uriel's moons. As they watch sunset and moonset, they looks out into the darkness and they see 'The Black Thing'. It's a shadow. Meg thinks it's evil. Calvin says he doesn't want to look at it anymore, and Mrs. Whatsit flies them down to were Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which are waiting. "That dark thing we saw - Is that what my father is fighting?" Is what Meg asks.
Chapter 5: The Tesseract
This chapter is about how they are trying to go behind the shadow to get to Meg's father. They have to tesser, but not all at once, but in short stages. They explain what a tesseract is, too. Meg finally gets it. They tesser all the way to Orion's belt. They meet someones named Happy Medium. There, Happy medium shows them Earth and how Earth has a shadow around it. 'The Dark Thing' has been there for many years, and it is why Earth is such a troubled planet. They named many people who are fighting the darkness: Jesus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Bach, Pasteur, Madame Curie, Einstein, Schweitzer, Gandhi, Buddha, Beethoven, Rembrandt, St. Francis, Euclid, and Copernicus. Meg learns that her father is trapped on a planet that has given in.
Chapter 6: The Happy Medium
In this chapter we learn that 'The Thing' can be overcome. Stars battle it, but they lose their life in the winning. Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace learn that Mrs. Who used to be a star who lost her life in battling 'The Thing'. After they wear out Happy Medium, they turn to leave. But before they leave, Happy Medium shows them each their mothers. Meg sees her mother and insists that they do something, now. They tesser again and pass through the shadow. They finally get to Camazotz, where Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Whatsit have to leave them. they go into ton and they see this strange neighborhood. They find CENTRAL Central Intelligence Center and Calvin has a feeling that they shouldn't go in there..
Chapter 8: The Transparent Column
In this chapter, Meg and Calvin are taken by 'Charles Wallace' to her father. Not much happens in this chapter, but 'Charles' tries to get meg to turn over to 'his' side and luckily, he doesn't succeed. Calvin tries to 'communicate' with Charles and he doesn't succeed either. Meg see her father through this wall that she can't pass through.
Chapter 9: IT
In this chapter, Meg sees her father and tries to get to him. She slams into the wall and falls backwards, but Calvin catches her. 'Charles' doesn't have any recollection of his father, nor does he care about his father right now. Meg remembers Mrs. Who's glasses that she gave her before she left and puts them on. When she does this, she can see the door leading into where her father is. She reunites with her father with a hug while wearing the glasses. They get out of the column and 'Charles' takes them to 'IT'. 'IT' almost gets meg when she tries to keep from letting 'IT' get to her. Something happens with a tesser.
Chapter 10: Absolute Zero
In this chapter, Meg wakes up, just barely and she can only hear her father and Calvin. It turns out that they tessered too far and landed on a weird planet. Meg is paralyzed and cold and in a lot of pain, everywhere. Some weird monster things come and help meg, and they take her too.
Chapter 11: Aunt Beast
Int his chapter, We learn a little more about the Monsters. The monsters help them all and give them special care. Meg makes friends with one of them and she calls her "Aunt Beast."Aunt beast helps meg out while she is in a bad state. Meg tries to understand more baout 'who' or 'what' is helping fight 'The Black Thing'. Aunt beat and Meg go and join Calvin and her father. They try to contact Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Whatsit and they succeed.
Chapter 12: The Foolish and the Weak
This chapter is about how Meg goes and saves Charles. Meg faces her fears. Meg thinks that anger is the key to finding Charles and getting him away from 'IT'. Meg leaves the planet, by tessering with Mrs. Which and goes back to Camazotz. Meg tries to get angry with 'IT' and yells at it a lot. Meg then realizes that she has something that 'IT' doesn't - Love. She uses the power of three words: 'I Love You!' is what she repeats over and over again to Charles Wallace. She succeeds in getting Charles Wallace back and they return to be a family again, and everything is back to how it was before all of this.
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