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Sound as digital data

No description

RK Cornell

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Sound as digital data

Sound as digital data
What it is, what sounds you can make and how to make them

What are the different sounds you can make?
What is digital sound?
a sound that enters the digital world, and enters out through the use of speakers.
to have digital sound you need technology that records your voice and sends it though speakers
How can we make a digital sound?
QR codes are one way that we make a digital sound. The codes look like small square symbols.

scan me

recorded sound using your own voice.
robotic voice
animal sounds
what are some other sounds that you would like to record?
Students use and create QR codes independently to record sound.
To be able to demonstrate their learning in all the curriculum areas.
Take something in the class that students are familiar with, for example sight words and turn this activity into a QR code activity that students can explore as an introductory activity. Also incorporate new items that students will see out in public and let them explore
Embed QR codes as a part of your essential class teaching. I have used this in my literacy block during The Daily 5 where students will use QR codes when listening to reading. I made sure I recorded my own voice to the code to ensure fluency and expresion.
Create their own QR code using QR voice
students work in partners to create a sight word, jolly phonics, word builder game.
students type in the words and print the code to match.
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