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Classroom Innovations

No description

Gabby Tate

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Classroom Innovations

Designing Classrooms for the Future Team Thinking Outside the Lunch Box Gabby Tate Harrison Smith Danny Buckley Andrew Shin Joe Nachio The Classroom BHAG Purpose Values The Vision To provide students, teachers and faculty with the best learning environment. Learning Teaching Development Interaction Provide educational innovations to 10% of the higher level institutions in the United States. What are some interesting things you
notice about this classroom? What are some of the distractions
you observed in this video? TODAY YESTERDAY Concerns, Comments, Complaints.... Students Professors Best Classroom Features Comfortable Seats and Desks
Adaptable Arrangement
Half Circle Arangement
Good Lighting Complaints Chair/Desk 31%
Layout/Arrangement 27%
Color/Design 14%
Temperature 14%
Crowdedness 14%
Wish List More Comfortable Seats
Greater Use of Technology
More Pleasing Colors
Moveable Arrangement
Left-Handed Accomodations
Better Lighting
More Windows Complaints Temperature Regulation
Poor Group Work Design
Can't Move around Students
No Flexibility
Distant from Students
Poor Design for Discussions Greatest Distractions Texting
Weather Outside
Computer Usage Suggestions Wish List Leftie Seats
Better Lighting
More Flexiibility Built into Design Better Acoustic Design (33%)
Better Group Work Design (67%)
Features to Minimize Cheating (50%)
Brain Warm-ups (33%)
3-D Imagery (33%)
SmartBoard Technology (44%)

Users Teachers Good Ole Chalkboarders to Tech Savvy Students Myriad of Different Learning Types
Students with Diabilities
Group Work Debates/ Discussions Tutoring Meetings Movie Watching Observations Importance of Flexibility and Play Innovation Park 4th Grade Classroom SmartBoards Microphones Notre Dame Teacher Centered Design Innovations Order Form for Specific Needs of Teacher Vertical Boards Boards w/ Predrawn Graphs SmartBoard Dual Projection Screens Opaque Windows Rearrangeable, individual desks Live Closed Captioning Prezi Tutorial Better Lighting Better Color Scheme Brain Warm-Ups Router to Block Website Usage Distant Future I-Pad Integration 3-D Imagery Technology lkjghjhf
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