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Lapulapu, the Victor of Mactan

No description

Joseph Cruz

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Lapulapu, the Victor of Mactan

Guide Questions
4. Where are the weak spots in the armor of the Spaniards?
Francisco Benitez
- He was born on June 4, 1887
- He contributed much towards
the function of teachers associations in the country.

Spelling Time!
Guide Questions
1. What entitlement or what do Filipinos considered to Lapulapu?
Author: Francisco Benitez and Conrado Benitez
Lapulapu, the Victor of Mactan
Conrado Benitez
- He was born on -November 26, 1889
-He was an historian, economist, and a business leader
Joseph Cruz
Shania San Miguel
Aldous Afable
Angelo Borlongan
Franz Lui Niog
3. Who is the first Spaniard that reached the Philippines?
2. What place did Lapulapu became a hero?
5. In your opinion, Do you think being brave is right?Why?
Message/ Moral Lesson
Don't trust people on what you see physically but discern their heart if they have a good intention.
Being brave is right and just if what you are fighting for is acceptable and correct.
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