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Mubashir Ahmed

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Introduction

This project revolves around teaching the girls at Sirat-ul-Jannah with skills that will help them attain a certain degree of independence in their future lives.
Classes being taught include:
Baking Classes
Self-grooming Classes
These classes will be taught by professional instructors at Sirat-ul-Jannah.

The mela will be held in Mid-December 2013.
It is a fundraising event, which incorporates activities such as; carnival games, rides and food stalls, followed by the screening of ‘Pukaar’, a documentary about the real life stories of some of the children of Sirat-ul-Jannah.
Tickets will be sold to outsiders and students of Nixor College.
All the funds raised will be used for the benefit of the children of our orphanages.
Charity Mela
Adopt an Orphanage is a nonprofit organization, founded by students of Nixor College in 2010.
Adopt an Orphanage strives to tend to all the essential needs of those unprivileged individuals, regardless of age, gender or race, who have been deprived of a family.
It started off with managing an orphanage Sirat-ul-Jannah, providiG In terms of health, education, accommodation and various other day-to-day requirements and now has extended its service to another orphanage, Anjuman Hayatul Islam.
Current Projects
Remedial Classes

Green Curriculum

Vocational Training

Winter Carnival

In January 2013, Adopt an Orphanage kicked off the year by having its annual Winter Carnival for the kids of Sirat-ul-Jannah.
The kids played on numerous rides including a giant climbing mount, jumping castle and various games stalls.
The event was capped off with a magic show and a puppet show, after which the kids of Sirat-ul-Jannah showed off their skills in a talent show.

Health camp

On the 1st of February 2013, Adopt an Orphanage conducted its quarterly health camp for the children of Sirat-ul-Jannah. The camp was organized by Adopt an Orphanage and conducted at the Nixor College Main Campus. The children were given basic medical checkups by approved medical professionals
AAO Dinner

Adopt an Orphanage held an Iftaar at Sirat-ul-Jannah on the 26th of July, 2013.
The children and volunteers spent the entire evening at the orphanage where they got the opportunity to bond with each other and become more and more like a family
Vocational Training

During summer, Adopt an Orphanage held vocational training classes for the elder girls which consisted of:
Henna application
Arts & Crafts classes for the younger children of Sirat-ul-Jannah were taught by volunteers.

Dental Check-Up

Adopt An Orphanage organized a dental check-up for the children of Sirat-ul-Jannah, in collaboration with Pak Dental Community (PDC) on 14th September 2013.
This program consisted of:
Oral examination
Presentation on oral hygiene
A demo of proper brushing techniques
Face painting session
Culture Day

Culture Day, an AAO event in which the children of Sirat-ul-Jannah were taught about the different cultures of Pakistan, through cultural dances, songs, presentations and a quiz. The importance of unity was highlighted.

Adopt an Orphanage renovated a portion of Sirat-ul-Jannah during the June and early July of 2013. The renovation included painting of the orphanage's walls, remaking of the rooftop kitchen as well as a general cleanup of the orphanage.


Adopt an Orphanage conducted a farm trip for the children of Sirat-ul-Jannah on the 9th of July 2013. The children visited a farm near Malir Cantt., where they learned how to plant seeds and played with farm animals in order to teach them the importance of the environment.
Adopt an Orphanage conducted a dinner for the children of Sirat-ul-Jannah.
There were over 120 children present at the dinner.
The food was generously provided by Sir Nadeem Ghani.
This marked our first interaction with the new children who had just come from Balochistan.

Why Choose Adopt an Orphanage?

Adopt an Orphanage is a non-profit organization which tends to the needs of those unfortunate children that have been deprived of a family.
Unlike most other organizations and projects, Adopt an Orphanage has zero overheads. Since it is a student-run entity, no members or volunteers are paid.
Your funds will be spent on the children and in case the team falls short of funds, monetary contributions made by the Nixor Community and money in Adopt An Orphanage’s bank account would be used.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together.

Regular tuition classes will take place four days a week from Monday to Thursday for students of KG to Grade 6.
Conveyance, via a coaster to and from Nixor, will be arranged by Adopt An Orphanage for the children of Sirat-ul-Jannah.
Subjects, currently part of the curriculum, are English, Urdu, Math and Science although we are hoping to diversify the curriculum to include Art and General Knowledge as well.
We also plan to arrange field trips on a quarterly basis as a way to for the children to learn through a more practical and hands-on approach.

This project revolves around the idea of conservation of the environment. This initiative will start with a small corner-side garden in Nixor, where the children will grow a variety of plants which include; chilies, garlic and coriander.
Activities planned include:
Information Sessions
Educational Fieldtrips
A psychological training session was held with Dr. Sophiya on 8th July 2013. The session was conducted for the volunteers of Adopt An Orphanage, teaching them on how to interact with the children of Sirat-ul-Jannah.
Psychological Training Session
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