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Corporate Espionage

Law & Ethics presentation Shorter University - MBA

Stephen Smith

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Corporate Espionage

Shorter Plus One - Corporate Espionage Corporate Espionage What is it? Real World Challenge for the CEO via
TrendMicro US vs. Sean Howley and Clark Roberts
(US Court of Appeals Sixth District February 4, 2013). 1) Goodyear is one of three manufacturers in the US that manufacture tires for earth moving equipment.
2) Goodyear uses machines made by a company called Wyko.
3) Goodyear asked for a repair technician from Wyko to repair some machines.
4) Wyko sent two engineers instead and they took pictures to the engineers.
5) Wyko IT manager blew the whistle and Goodyear filed suit.
6) The two spies claimed it wasn't a trade secret.
7) Roberts and Howley were both found guilty
8) No machines were ever shipped to China. The settlement awarded $75 Million to Starwood Hotels, and places a two-year ban on further development of Hilton’s “Denizen” line of hotels, or any other high-end “lifestyle” hotels during that time period.

Potential Criminal Investigation United States v. Joya Williams 526 F.3d 1312 Corporate Espionage How prevalent is it?


*Fox Adams Corporate Espionage How it's done


*Devices Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide v. Hilton Hotels Corporation No. 09-cv- 03862 (S.D.N.Y. Apr. 16, 2009) The End References Javers, E. (2011). Secrets and Lies: The Rise of Corporate Espionage in a Global Economy. Georgetown Journal Of International Affairs, 12(1), 53.

Kurtz, J. M., Schuler, D. K., & Sleeper, B. J. (2010). A STING IN THE COLA WARS: A CASE STUDY IN ETHICS AND INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE. Annual Advances In Business Cases, 3019-23.

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US vs. Sean Howley and Clark Roberts, 11-6040/6071/6194 (US Court of Appeals Sixth District February 4, 2013).
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