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Traffic in Vietnam

traffic jam and traffic accident

Phú Sĩ Logan

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Traffic in Vietnam

Traffic accident Problems Traffic congestion Traffic in Vietnam The numbers of vehicles increase Bui Phu Si
Ly Hoa Thanh
Huynh Thi Ai Xuan
Ho Thi Loan Trinh Traffic accident Solutions Traffic congestion Traffic is getting worse on our roads. Traffic accidents are increasing day by day : Do not comply the rules : Don’t have safety helmets System of roads get worse Go over speed limit Motorcycle race Group Weather condition is one of the causes of traffic accidents Transportation system in Vietnam Road system streets are narrow, dirty manyroadworks Traffic lights system: Traffic police There are not enough traffic police force or they are not too strict enough to fine traffic-law breakers. “Gold time” Increase number of traffic police during peak hours at the intersection and hot spots Road expansion Adjust the working hours of students and workers Encourage to use public transport and upgrade bus system Tax of private transport References :

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