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Weddings in Elizabethan England

No description

Julia Sickles

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Weddings in Elizabethan England

Weddings in
Elizabethan England Weddings begin with a contract called a betrothal, where the woman wears a ring on her right hand. The ring will to transferred to the left hand once they are married The Ring The ring is worn on the ring finger, just as we do today. Some believe that there is a vein that connects the ring finger to your heart. For those who cannot afford a ring, they will go without it, but the whole town will recognize their marriage Many rings have an inscription on them in French or Latin.
Some rings are interlocking, or they even open to a heart. Attire A bride will almost always have flowers in her hair. Brides in the Elizabethan era did not wear a white gown like modern day. Brides would what ever was in style. No matter the color or style of dress. Many of the time the dress that the Bride wore would be used in her everyday attire after the wedding. These dresses were not meant to be anything out of the ordinary The bride will carry the wedding garland, which is normally made up of roses and then after the ceremony she will put it on her head Ceremony The wedding is always a religious ceremony During the ceremony, the bride and groom must sign a wedding contract that states financial security. Like dowry, which is how much money the bride brings to the ceremony, and jointures, which is how much the bride will get if her husband is to die. The bridesmaid's will help the bride get ready before the procession. Which is when the bride, groom and everyone from the bridal party makes their grand entrance. The procession is usually very loud and full of laughter. Preparation Boys and girls are allowed to marry at a very young age if they have parental consent. Male children can marry at 14 while female children can marry at 12 years old. But it is not common to marry at this age. It is normal in the early 20's to get married. This is done so they are able to support children, because everyone wants children in the Elizabethan era. If one wants to get married, they must announce the news in the church three Sundays in a row. If it is not announced it is considered illegal. This is called Crying of the Banns It is normal just to announce that your marriage is coming instead of handing out invitations. Family will make sure to tell their friends and family as well. If the cost of the wedding is too expensive for the family, they will hold a "bridal ale", in which the bride will sell ale for however much is offered by her friend or family. Everyone is invited to this. Another way to help with the cost of everything is if the neighbors and friends of the bride and groom will bring food to eat for the wedding. The bride's father almost always pays for the wedding Betrothals A betrothal is a marriage contract. A betrothal can only end with a mutual agreement, unless one partner has been caught cheating, if they are married to another person, if they are hateful, or if there has been a long separation between them Arranged Marriages Getting married for love is very uncommon It is believed that family and friends have the best interest in one another so they should decide who one should marry. Just because the marriage is arranged, does not mean that they have never met. Sometimes family will pair up neighbors or other friends to get married. The lower you are on the social scale, the more likely you are to be able to have some say in your marriage arrangements Widows If a women is widowed, they now own 1/3 of their husband's property Widows can run their own business to keep up with their finances. If a man is widowed, he can look to remarry after a month. This is called a "month's mind" It is important for a man to be married, especially if he has children. Children Children are considered property to their parents. They must act as their servants and do everything they are told Children do not have middle names.

There are very few common names in England. They consisted of Elizabeth, Anne/Agnes, Jane, Mary/Margaret, Katherine, Henry, Thomas, Edward, John, William, and Robert. The end
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