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No description

Dominique Thorley

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of FILM

Film Studies unit 11
Sound is also important when making a film as it add suspense, drama intensity and emotion. Without sound you may find it hard to identify when the scene is more dramatic or intense. Sound helps control your mood when watching a film so for example when something happy is being portrayed they intend to play a joyful sound track.
The Intouchables was made in 2011
Genre is a comedy- drama film
Directed by Olivier Nakache- Eric Toledano
Its Stars Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy
Visuals are important within film as they help to tell the story. This includes the way the lighting has been set up, the props used on set, the actors and the way they have been dressed. It allows us to enter into the script writers world and helps create and build suspense. Everything we see when watching a movie has a purpose. Visuals also help the writer to showcase the genre of film.
Visuals allow room for stereo typing. As you often see the writers perception of a certain culture, race or gender, this is called representation.
I could compare
intouchables to
Amour, Amour is
another French film.
Its about a lovin
g elderly couple
where the wife s
uddenly gets taken ill
and suffers a str
oke. Her husband who
also has a little
difficulty getting
around with age
becomes her carer.
She finds it hard
to adjust to
becoming paraly
zed down her right
side and tries to
hold on to the
independence sh
e still has. Shes is a
women of pride
and as a result asks
him to promise h
er he would never
put her in a hosp

She happens to have another stro
ke and finds herself
solely dependent on her husband
. As he is fragile
himself he seeks help. They had o
ne child together
called Eva who lived aboard. She
struggled with her
mothers deterioration as she fou
nd her mother

As Georges feels his wife would
not like to be seen in
such a state he asks his daughter
to leave him alone
to deal with her mother as he ha
s it all in hand and
reassures Eva her mother would
not like her to see
her in such a way.
Anne keeps moaning the words "
hurt hurt" and
Georges goes to her bed side and
tells her a
childhood memory which calms
her down. He then
takes a pillow and smothers her
face and kills her.

The two films are similar as they both touch on disability. But in the Intouchables it shows how two people from totally different backgrounds and cultures can have such a positive impact in each others lives.
They both grew to depend on each other, for Driss he got stability somewhere to live an a income. Where as Philippe, he got a life back Driss brought laughter excitement and fun back to his life Driss connected with Philippe in away no one else could. They built such a bond an unconditional bromance.

As in Amour Georges may have loved Eva with all his heart but found it difficult to care for her and found it hard to see his wife in pain. He could not bare to see Eva suffer and it all become to much for him and he ended her life as well as his.

In my opinion I found Amour Boring as it did not have any music throughout the whole film. I felt the film lacked drama intensity and interest. I found it one dimensional. Some shots where to long and was not telling anymore of the story. It also lacked reverse shots, which left you feeling disconnected from the film. I found this film confusing.
Where as in intouchables there was excitement, passion, drama and intensity weather being through the music telling us the story shots or angles. I felt Intouchables took you through all the emotions, some parts where funny some where sad.
Where as in Amour I felt they kept us on a constant low.

In the intouchables one could say representation in the film is, Omar Sy plays Driss who is from a poor background and from what could be called the french ghetto. He applies for a job with no intentions of getting it, as its for a wealthy business man
who needs a
carer. Driss leaves an
impression on
francois Cluzet
who plays Philippe as he
does not tip top
around his disability and
treats him the sam
e as he would treat
everyone else. I feel
Philippe found that
refreshing and decide
d to higher him.
In this particular scene
when Driss walks
into the office and is see
n to be really
agitated and becoming im
patient, the
camera angle are designed
to make Driss
the more dominate character
by having
the shot look downwards at Ph
e and Audrey Fleurot whos plays Magalie.
Every film has a genre to help us the audience differentiate each film. They are split into categories such as
Every filmmaker creates a film around a chosen genre. Some filmmakers have overlapped genres, for example some films could be a romantic-comedy, action-thriller or
Within this presentation I will be giving a critical analysis about film. I will be comparing three foreign films Intouchables, Head hunter and Amour. All three where up for the same award where Amour won 'Best foreign film.'
nters was made
in 2011
Genre is
an -Acton thriller
by Morten

Stars Ak
sel Hennie,
Nikolaj C
and Synn
øve Macody Lund
Amour was
made in 2013
Genre is a D
Directed and
written by
Michael Han
Stars jean-lou
Trintignant E
mmanuelle Riva and Isabelle Huppert
In headhunters their is male gaze. Male gaze is where the women is looked as a object and males are the subject.
One of the first scenes in headhunters shows Dianna in the shower naked.
In the Intouchables Magalie was the object as Driss found her very attractive and was always trying to pursue her.
Male gaze
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