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Jane Addams : Socialized Education

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Kristen Ruiz

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Jane Addams : Socialized Education

Jane Addams : Socialized Education
Creation of Hull House
Jane Addams founded Hull House in Chicago in 1889.
The purpose of Hull House was to help build responsible,
self sufficient lives for Chicago residents.

Hull House was established on three main principles:

1. In order to make a change you must live where you work
so you can better understand the problems of the people.

2. Everyone should be treated equally and with respect.

3. Poverty and the lack of opportunity breed ignorance.
Socialized Education
Both Jane Addams and John Dewey shared a vision for education. They believed it was the basis for producing a democratic society. They also believed that education went beyond the formal classroom. Jane Addams also believed that education's role was to provide the knowledge that would improve the lives of all the participants in a community.
Jane Addams: Educational Theorist
She developed a philosophy that related to the growing needs of the American society. She felt that education needed to restore the society that was struggling to adapt to a more urban economy. That curriculum should provide students with broad experiences.

Addams also believed that children should have exposure to many different types of vocations as well as understand life in both an urban and industrialized society.
She developed the philosophy of "socialized education. She was also a pioneer in immigrant and urban education.
Jane Addams believed that advanced education would cause people to be better citizens and more concerned with Democracy.
Jane Addams originally thought Hull House would only serve women and immigrants. Eventually she developed other social services such as; day nursery, boy's club, as well as a Kindergarten program. Through the Hull House she promoted a modern education philosophy. She was creating people who were loyal to their country and supportive of the Democratic process.
Jane Addams and the women of Hull House convinced Illinois to pass a compulsory education laws.
In 1931, Jane Addams was the 2nd woman to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. She died in 1935 in Illinois.
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