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Staff Training: Restaurant Server Guidelines

No description

Lucas Burgess

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Staff Training: Restaurant Server Guidelines

Staff Training: Restaurant Server Guidelines
Importance of staff training
Manager cannot do every job
Important to have well trained and competent employees the manager can count on doing their jobs
Since policies and procedures vary, even employees with years of experience still need trained
Six areas to focus on in training employees
1. Restaurant concept
2. Restaurant layout
3. Menu knowledge
4. Etiquette
5. Shadowing
6. Instilling the right behaviors
Restaurant Concept
Inform your employees of the history and other interesting facts about the restaurant.
Restaurant name
Idea of what goals the management have
Restaurant Layout
Since servers spend their entire shift on their feet, it's important for them to know the layout of the restaurant.
Storage areas
Emergency exits
Specific doors for entrances and exits to the kitchen and building
Dining room arrangement
Menu Knowledge
Managers should let new employees taste several items on the menu to suggest different flavors or suggest a favorite. Employees should know the nutritional values of a dish and how a dish is prepared in case the customer would like to know.
Proper service etiquette is paramount to a memorable dining experience. Servers must be adequately trained in customer care. Use the acronym S.E.R.V.I.C.E.
New employees can follow a more skilled servers. This allows the more experienced servers to model proper server etiquette, menu knowledge, and responsible behavior. This is also allows the new employees to ease into the flow of the restaurant.
Instill The Right Behavior
Instilling the correct behaviors is crucial.
Writing down orders
Completing cleaning duties
Helping team-mates whenever possible
Leaving personal issues at the door
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