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April/May Tech talk

No description

Melissa Ochsner

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of April/May Tech talk

End of Year Information
April/May 2010 Techie Talk
Don't Forget to Back Up

* All Mac users are reminded to back up all critical document files to their employee folder on the server.

* PC users take note whether there are any errors occurring during the synchronization process. If there are, you should contact the HelpDesk and have them fixed.

Back Up * There will not be a summer checkout procedure through the TD.

* Equipment is “tied” to employees by the inventory system so TD assumes that the employee has possession of the equipment over the summer, or has secured it in their classroom or some other location. * If you are transferring schools your computer stays at your current building. On your last contract day leave your computer in the school's office. Arrangements will be made over the summer to deploy a different computer to you. Make sure your information is updated/correct in the employee directory, so we can contact you.

* If you need your computer over the summer make arrangements with your building technician.

* If you are retiring or taking leave your computer stays with the building. On your last contract day leave your computer in your school's office. The techs will pick-up the computer from the office.

Teacher Transfer, Retiring, taking professional leave * Please check and update your employee information.

* BPS Intranet

http://intranet.bismarckschools.org/ Employee Directory Information Login using your email username and password: Use the navigation menu to find yourself Click on Edit Information to make changes
Click on UPDATE to save changes Inventory * Inventory is done on an annual basis to reconcile any discrepancies.

* March/April 2010 all computers, printers, digital cameras, etc were/will be inventoried by the TD. Have all your equipment ready to be inventoried.

Summer Updates: The Plan

* Updates will automatically run while your PC laptop is off the BPS network. Updates include
o Windows Updates
o Microsoft Office updates
o Symantec Antivirus definitions and updates

* Mac updates are done manually. If you are an admin of your Mac you can enter your username and password when the update window appears. Otherwise the tech runs them when they work on your laptop.

*Techs have been updating the Symantec Antivirus on your teacher laptop to the newest version to help prevent spyware and viruses. Even with the update be careful of the websites you access outside the district. * Avoid questionable Web sites. If you visit a site that seems strange, there's a good chance you shouldn't be there.

* Don't click on any pop-up or advertisement for free anti-spyware software or any other products. This is a very popular method used to distribute spyware and other malware. We already have Symantec installed on your laptop.

* If a virus alert appears on your screen as you visit a Web site, don't click on it, even to close it. Instead, type control-alt-delete to launch the Task Manager and use the "End Task" command to close the window. If this doesn't seem to work, restart or turn off your computer.

* Never open an e-mail attachment if you're uncertain of its source. Just delete the email.

* If you think your computer has a virus or spyware please call the HelpDesk right away.

How to avoid spyware and viruses Summer Classes
* Classes are offered throughout the summer for credit. Check the tracker for available classes. More classes will be added to the tracker in May.

http://www.bismarckschools.org/employees/sdt/ Have a Wonderful Summer!! Remember to back up or sync your files!

Summer Checkout
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