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Moriori Genocide

No description

Alexus Whisenhunt

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Moriori Genocide

Moriori Genocide
Governmental Involvement
1850- Petitioned Governor of New Zealand to acknowledge what was happening on the island
1863- the Moriori were released from slavery by the governor of New Zealand
Governor gave the Moriori 97.3% of their land but the tribe wanted all of it
Effects of Genocide
After the Moriori Genocide
By the end of the Moriori Genocide the Moriori was split into two groups and in the end their tribe was completly "extinct".
The Europeans came to the Chatham Islands and invaded the Moriori camps
The Moriori tribe was completely eliminated from the world.

By: Alexus and Alexis
Introducing The Moriori
Moriori are a tribe that lived on the Chatham islands.
They live by strict rules and spiritual beliefs.
The Europeans arrived on the island in late November 1791.
The Moriori were stunned by their behavior and prepared to invade the european camps.
This started the Moriori genocide
What Happened?
The european invaded Moriori camps
the Moriori lost alot of lives
The Moriori food supply was stolen along with thier horses and most of thier possesions
the Moriori were forced to eat thier own family because they were starving
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