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Collin Johnsn

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Collin Johnson Andrew Jackson Biography Date born: March 15, 1767
Place born: Waphaw, South Carolina
Married to: Rachel Donelson Robards
Children: One Adopted boy
Date died: June 8, 1845
Place died: Nashville, Tennessee The Presidential Years Sources Book: hi hijkjnbvcfds The Presidential Years The Presidential Years
-In 1828 Andrew J. was elected.
-1832 he was reelected
-He passed laws forcing thousands
of Native Americans to leave their
lands and move further west.
-He campaigned against big
banks that controlled the
nations money.
- After winning the election, Andrew
worked hard being an active leader.
-he felt that the president should be
more responsible for the nations good.
-He often disagreed with congress. Title: Andrew Jackson
Author: Anne Welsbacherer
Publisher: ABOO Publishing
Place of Publication: Edina,
Copyright year: 1999
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