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yusra baig

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of system

My Sunday afternoon
hey my name is Yusra and me and my friends are going to go out for dinner.
In this slideshow i will be talking about the system i had used for this activity.

On Sunday my friends and I went out for dinner, an hour had passed and our food had just arrived I ordered a molten and also a bowl of macaroni from the kids menu even though I am fifteen I still love my macaroni. The first thing I did before I devoured my molten was pick up my spoon and ate a little bit of my macaroni then I sipped my glass of water. I picked up my napkin and cleaned up my face after that I was to busy talking to my friends then I grabbed my fork and started to eat the molten when the molten was finished I went to the restroom and head backed to my table and then me and my friend split the bill and then left.
I chose this activity because this event happened recently and it was a great example of the systems used
was the skeletal system when I picked up my fork and ate my molten I also used the digestive system to swallow and process my macaroni into fuel and I also used the excretory system that gets rid of any waste from my meal and the nervous system to taste my meals that I had for example the molten and the macaroni and also the circulatory system because it carries the nutrients from the molten or macaroni around the body
I used the muscular system by eating or shewing my food for example the maceroni and i used the integumentary system by and since the integumentary system is basically another name for skin i touched the food thats how i used the integumentary system.
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