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How to play snakes and ladders

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prashaani harris

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of How to play snakes and ladders

Step 2
Decide who will go first and who will go last and pick a different coloured counter for each person.

Step 3
Place all the counters on the
side of the board and player 1
can roll their dices, they can only
start if they get either 1 or a 6
on either dice.

How to play snakes and ladders
what you need!
1. Snakes and ladders board game

2. Different coloured counters for each person

3. 2 dices
Step 1
1. First place a snakes and ladders board game in a table or on the
floor (which ever you feel is comfortable) and sit around it.

Step 4
Step 5
Keep rolling the dice until you get a 1 or 6. once you get either one count the two numbers on your dice and move according to the number.
Step 6
Keep adding on after each turn you have. Follow the numbers as you go along.
If you don't get either 1 or 6 its the next players turn to roll the dice.
Step 7
If you land on a ladder go up
it or come down, which ever way
your going.
Step 8

If you land on a snakes mouth go down all the way to its tail.

Step 9
The aim is to be the first one to go all the way to 100 and come back. Be the first one to 100 and back and you win.
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