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What is it and how can we teach it?

m nava

on 3 January 2011

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Transcript of TOEIC EXAM

Cameo Exit A Exotic Me Team Ice Ox Listening Reading Part 1 Picture Identification

Part 2 Question/Response Part 3 Short Conversations Part 4 Short Talks
Part 5 Incomplete Sentences Part 7 Reading comprehension 45 mins 75 mins TOEIC EXAM Only concerned here with the Listening and Reading exam. But note there is a Speaking and Writing exam as well.
Lesson Idea Customizing a text Preparation

Relevant text
Select 10-15 words/phrases
Prepare a sheet of 25-40 alternative words and phrases Procedure
1. Give the student the reading text
2. Slowly say the words and phrases you have chosen while the student underlines them in the text
3. Give out the sheet of alternative words and phrases
4. Ask student to select substitutes from the sheet for the words underlined
5. Discuss choices Example Indian Companies Are Adding Western Flavor

New York Times August 19

Arul Kumar had never shaken hands with a foreigner nor needed to wear a necktie. He vaguely thought that raising a toast had something to do with eating bread. But Mr. Kumar, 27, and six other engineers were recently recruited by the Hyderabad offices of Sierra Atlantic, a software company based in Fremont, Calif. And before they came face-to-face with American customers, the new employees went through a challenging four-week training session aimed at providing them with global-employee skills like learning how to speak on a conference call and how to address colleagues.
As more and more service jobs migrate to India, such training programs are increasingly common. Sierra Atlantic says that one-fourth of its 400 employees working out of the Hyderabad offices are constantly interacting with foreigners. For Sierra and others, the training in Western ways is intended not only to help employees perform daily business interactions with American or European colleagues and customers but also to Help the companies transcend their image as cheap labor. "Your interaction with people of other cultures will only increase," Colonel Gowri Shankar, Sierra's trainer, told Mr. Kumar and half a dozen other young engineers, "and you should be equally at ease whether in Hyderabad or Houston." The Sierra programmers listened attentively as Colonel Shankar listed common complaints: speaking one of Indias many languages in front of foreigners, questioning colleagues about their compensation, and cracking ethnic jokes. He is uncompromising on punctuality and protocol. "Americans are friendly, but do not slap an American on his back or call him by his first name in the first meeting," said Colonel Shankar. Some companies are already seeing the benefits of the
training. Sierra said that, in February, its Indian unit won a bid against an Indian competitor because the Sierra employees were seen as a better fit. "it all adds up to better rates and bigger projects," said the project leader, Kalyani Manda. Text Words/Phrases for dictation foreigner raising a toast
recruited challenging
address colleagues migrate
working out of interactions transcend at ease
compensation cracking jokes
protocol benefits
bid fit
Alternative words sheet thought-provoking; comfortable with; drinking to the health or honour of;

saying funny things; good outcome; etiquette; an amount offered; fees;

assignments; non-national; pay; tasks; surpass; go past; preparation;

world-wide; based in; encounters; match; move; talk to co-workers; abilities;

working together; nationalities; fellow-worker TOEIC == vocabulary Vocabulary resources VocabGrabber -
http://www.visualthesaurus.com/vocabgrabber/ 10 questions 30 questions 30 questions 30 questions 40 questions 48 questions 100 questions 100 questions What is the TOEIC really? 50% is vocab skills - business-context words and phrases
(which can raise candidate's score by 200 points)
25% is specific test-prep skills
25% is language proficiency/competency skills Part 6 Text completion 12 questions For translation many resources available. One I find very useful is the WordReference English/French online dictionary (http://www.wordreference.com/enfr/). Because in addition to a normal dictionary it links to an excellent discussion forum used by working translators. étranger/-ère

lever son verre /porter un toast



s'addresser a des colleges



Intéraction/contact avec


à l'aise


raconter une blague / débiter des plaisanteries




correspondre à

tarif Recording vocab - Bristol cards
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