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Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

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on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

Why College Athletes Should Get Paid
By Nabeel Janjua

What Happens To This Money
Revenues are passed along to NCAA executives, athletic directors and coaches in the form of salaries.
Head football coaches at 44 NCAA Bowl Championship Series schools received on average $2.1 million in salaries.
Highest paid public employee in 40 of the 50 U.S. states is the state. university' head football or basketball coach.
Salaries of coaches increased by 35% from 2011-2012 and 70% since 2006.
Shabazz Napier Going Hungry?
Northwestern Unions
Not all athletes should be compensated
Wrestlers and Volleyball players don't generate the same revenues as football and basketball players.
Why Should We Worried About This?
The athletes that are making the money for their schools through advertisement, apparel sales, tickets, broadcasting rights and name involvement aren't receiving a dime of it.
Athletes aren't able to travel back home or even eat enough due to insufficient funds
The NCAA is becoming more of a monopoly rather than a place for young athletes to develop
Current News
Shabazz Napier Going to Bed Hungry?
Northwestern Unionizing?
NCAA recently just voted to allow for unlimited food supply for players in Division 1 under scholarship.
NCAA needs to stop profiting off a majority of athletes that just want to support their families and loved ones.

Is is not fair when conferences have created their "own television networks and sell air time to sponsors or pay coaches such as Nick Saban, University of Alabama head football coach,more than 160 times the average wage of a Tuscaloosa public school teacher
In 2013 the college sports industry generated $11 billion in annual revenues
Fifty colleges report annual revenues that exceeded $50 million
Five colleges reported annual revenues that exceeded $100 million
In 2011 a report, entitled "the Price of Poverty in Big Time College Sport" confirms that 85 percent of college athletes on scholarships live below the poverty line.

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Many schools offer athletes scholarship that are 1-year renewable which means an injury can cause that the scholarship to be revoked and the player would receive no workers compensation for those injuries.
NCAA claims that compensating student student athletes would destroy competitive balance in college sports.
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