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Charles G. Abrell

Shelby Quay and Shayla - 1st period

lib hist

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Charles G. Abrell

Charles G. Abrell
Medal of Honor Recipient
Korean War

I believe that the biggest trait that Corporal Abrell showed was courage. the word courage is defined as strength in the face of pain or fear. The chivalrous action Charles G Abrell was committed in the face of both fear and pain. He protected his country through the pain of several enemy wounds running into a shower of intense enemy fire to pull the pin of a grenade knowing that it was to soon explode in his hands. He showed courage to the very end of his life.
Shelby Quay
& Shayla

Charles G Abrell was born on August 12th, 1931 in Terre Haute, Indiana. Corporal Abrell went to school in Las Vegas, Nevada then to enlist in the Marine Corps at the age of 19 of the year 1948. He then went to trainin Parris Island South Carolina to be asiigned to a base camp in Lejeune, North Carolina. From there he was deployed to Korea with
the 1st Marine Division
Charles G Abrell showed the characteristic of citizenship the moment he signed up for the U.S.Marine Corps. Enrolling in the military is a duty that we as Americans are granted. Although it might be an extreme version of citizenship for some people Charles G Abrell joined the Marines at the mere age of seventeen, showing us one way he acted out his united States citizenship
Cpl. Charles G Abrell expressed his honor for his country and his platoon at such a high leval in Hangnyong, Korea when he sacrificed himself by voluntarily running into enemy fire and pulling the pin of a grenade in the clasps of his hand with live missiles in the other,killing the enemy's bunker and inevitably killing him also.
The definition of patriotism is a love of your country and having willingness to sacrifice for it. Charles G Abrell contained the ultimate trait of patriotism. The combination of his early admittance in the Marine Corps and his readiness for self-sacrafice show us that he had all corners covered pertaining to the character trait patriotism. Charles G Abrell died a true hero on June 10th of 1951 at the age of nineteen. His actions were those of a man when he was still but a child, I applaud this corporal for what he sacraficed for our country. With his actions he earned the Medal of Honor posthumously




Hangnyong,South Korea
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