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Annie's Poetry Scrapbook

No description

mary and syd and annie

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Annie's Poetry Scrapbook

Annie's Poetry Scrapbook 8C/D The Final Frontier Table of Contents First Steps A Place Poem about the moon Galaxies of Life A Life Metaphor Poem Star Wars IV: A Re-Written Hope A Poetic Narrative re-telling the Star Wars IV movie Diamond A Colour Poem based on the movie Star Trek 2009 A book of poems based on some popular science fiction movies, books and TV shows. Welcome To Endless Wonder A Warehouse 13 Acrostic Poem USS Enterprise A Concrete Poem written about the Original Star Trek Series Amy Pond A Sonnet about Doctor Who's Scottish friend Wish Gone Wrong A Limerick based on Star Trek TNG's Data Portals A collection of Stargate Haiku Circle of Life A Doctor Who Septet (Plethora of Poems) Mad Man With A Box A Lantern poem written about Doctor Who (Free Choice) Universes to Explore A Freestyle poem about Science Fiction A Collection of Haiku
"Portals" huge azure portal
shimmer glowing entrancing
door to the heavens shimmer blue, step through
stretch-tug-pull through nothingness
a mystic journey step through the portal
zap! rush-race then floating-calm
zap! back to real life First Steps a place poem on my own
one step
two step
step down

body covered by
a thick clunky in-the-way suit
weighs five hundred pounds
feels like ten

heavy feet make contact
eerily silent, no sound at all
staring out, feeling vulnerable

feeling many things at once empty hollow faraway alone
free fulfilled peering over a
new horizon

cold frigid tense inside
but also
calm peaceful like a
feather in zero-g

crackle crinkle in my ear
then a voice
excited questioning curious
a staticy bumblebee

vast dark eternal night
wraps its unseen arms around
the pale bare clean surface
trapping the white globe in its grasp

mystical awe-inspiring orb of mysteries
with its
blue green white shining
sharply glowing against the night

empty cold crackle vast mystical
free calm excited unseen glowing

"one small step for man
one large leap for mankind" An Acrostic Poem T
N he old warehouse stands in the middle of nowhere

ousing the most dangerous weapons of all time

nside it's rusty walls.

ecruited by "Frederick", the

wo agents

nemies (for now) approach the rickety door. It creaks

erily open, leading the way towards a

ew horizon. "Welcome to endless wonder." Amelia Pond, the young red-hair'd Miss
Dozes so silent, asleep in her bed.
Thoughts of the Doctor and dreams of travels
Whirling and twirling parade through her head

He invades her thoughts, whenever she's bored
In all of her dreams, and ev'ry night too
Amy thinks of a little known Time Lord
The good, yet mysterious Doctor Who

Many years later, he fin'ly comes back
Barely in time to again save the day
After defending the world from attack
With Amy, his friend, he travels away

The Tardis, the Doctor, her fiance Rory
Here's the beginning of a whole new story Amy Pond
A Sonnet T.A.R.D.I.S.
twisting wild
travel then crash
box Mad Man With a Box
A Lantern Poem Doctor Who
Travelling through space
Floating free through all of time
Yet doomd to eternal life, at least
Until the past catches up
For the kill. Time to
Regenerate. Circle of Life
A Septet Life is a galaxy
A Life Metaphor poem

Starting with a supernova for some
Others like small moons, born cold and glum
Swirling, twirling, dancing wild
Sometimes young like a newborn child
Other days older than all of time
Some bright colours, yellow and lime
Yet others are dull, a deep dark blue
Stars and planets in every variety, type and hue
And in the end, some supernova out
Or, like a white dwarf, go with a small unnoticed pout

Life is a galaxy There once was an android named Data
He wanted to be human so he made a
Wish to be real
To be able to feel
But instead he turned into a Beta! Wish Gone Wrong
A Limerick Star Wars: A Re-Written Hope
A Narrative poem A boy and his uncle, merely simple farmers
Bought two droids, unknowing of their fating
One held a story of urgency within
From a princess, her rescue she was awaiting Luke, the farm boy from nowhere
With only his speeder, two droids and a cloak
Set out to meet ol' Ben Kenobi
According to most, an unusual bloke The old hermit, he pulled out an old lightsaber
Gave it to Luke, naming him Skywalker's son
They set off to rescue the Princess Leia
And fight a war against dark, never to be won With his former friend, Darth Vader
An overpowering dark presence, clothed entirely in black
Engaged in a wicked duel of taunts
Until the Sith slew his master with one mighty hack Rushing, racing in a frenzy to escape
Onto the Falcon, everyone started to board
Except Obiwan, for he knew his fate
He stepped forward to meet his opponent, in his hand a drawn sword Luke and Han ran in, guns blazing
Broke Leia out, of course
Meanwhile Kenobi raced to disarm the weapons
Silent, deadly with the Force Fortunate that Han and Chewwie were tricksters
For when the Imperials captured the ship in a tractor beam
The crew hid in smuggling compartments
Like its owners, the ship was not quite what it might seem They took off under Imperial fire
Millennium Falcon accelerated to lightspeed
Coordinates set for the Death Star
To rescue a princess in great need Fast forward to a bar on Tatooine
Searching for a starship crew
The two Jedi met two scoundrels
Tricksters, but how to fly a ship, they knew Once they arrived at the base
Han and Chewbacca refused to stay
They claimed with hard voices that
They had only been there for the pay With help from Luke, the two droids and Leia
The rebels formed a dangerous, reckless plan
To take a single fighter in close to the Death Star
And blow it up: a risky battleplan. Luke, Han and Chewbacca returned
As did the two droids and the Falcon too
Received with highest honours and medals abound
And finally joined the rebels’ crew A gasp from Leia, a loud cry from Luke
A command to leave from Han
The remaining non-Imperials boarded the Falcon
To retreat to the Rebel base, and formulate a plan This is the first of 6 epic tales
(Also some spinoffs but they don’t really count)
Tune in next time to watch these heroes again save the world
And be there alongside as their troubles amount After all the other pilots were killed by the TIE
The Falcon returned in the very knick of time
To help Luke fire the one deadly shot,
Together they reduced to Death Star to slime diamond is
the glare of a sun across the bow of the Enterprise
a pinpoint of light from a G-Class star

diamond is
as sharp as Spock's logic
the cutting edge of Kirk's words
the slice of sheer desperation as Nero clings to his unravelling plot

diamond is
the cold crisp air of Delta Vega
the hard cold anticipation before a battle
the spark that ignites a supernova

diamond is
calculating controlling and manpulating
it is the cold lonely vacuum of space

diamond. diamond
a colour poem space: the final frontier

yet not nearly as far as the mind can travel

stretching the imagination to the limits and beyond

inspiring people everywhere to make it so
dragging the mind through endless wonder

exposing new ideas,
new thoughts,
new ways of life and thinking

dreams of all kinds

a fail whale
falling to earth followed by
a potted petunia

come to the dark side,
fish sticks and custard,
he’s dead jim

even electric sheep

all thought inconceivable
yet brought to life by writers and discoverers and explorers and thinkers
revolutionizing the world
our new hope for the future

science fiction science fiction
a freestyle poem the end

"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”
-T. S. Eliot
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