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Creating a Great CV

No description

Anne Shackleton

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Creating a Great CV

Do you WANT the job?

Will you FIT in?

CAN you do the job?

Employers are thinking……

Evidence how your skills and
achievements match their requirements

Highlight your achievements, not duties

Persuade the reader to interview you.

How does Harvey show he:

WANTS the role?

FITS in?

CAN do the role?

Sadie Smith

10 Sidney Grove
Newcastle upon Tyne

Tel. 07780 7890123

Content should be relevant

Layout should be uncluttered, easy to read

Consistent font style & size

Good spelling and grammar are essential

Tip 2 Make it Professional

What do you notice?

? Personal profile

? Nationality

? Gender

? Photograph

? Marital status

? Date of birth

Personal details

Relevant/Specialist skills


Employment history

Work experience



Include the Basics

degree: skills gained from relevant modules, practicals and projects

interests: ‘Keep fit’ or ‘Am an active member of the University’s Squash Society and training for the 2014 Great North Run.’

work experience: the skills and qualities you have developed so far

June 2012- present Sales Assistant (part time)
Asda Stores, Gateshead

Responsibilities and skills gained:

Stock checks, sales analysis, ordering and planning the displays in fresh produce section

Handling customer complaints has required sound judgement and careful listening skills

Learnt the importance of regular communications to work well within the team and provide a high standard of customer service

June 2012- present
Asda Stores, Gateshead

Sales Assistant
Part time - 10 hours
per week

Creating Careers Ltd seeks a graduate to join a busy marketing and development team as a
Marketing Executive.

Role includes:
drafting, writing, editing and proofreading copy for on and offline campaigns including:
direct mail, email, newsletters, sales literature, press ads, press releases, websites, etc.
Responsibility for co-ordinating and implementing campaign activities.

Person requirements:
A good grasp of language, grammar and IT is essential
Attention to detail is crucial
The ability to develop excellent writing skills
Desire to learn about new products and marketing of educational products and services.

Read the two CVs and select the best

Who would you shortlist?


research the sector, employer and job description, and ask yourself “so what?!”


put the most important information first and give it the most space, using your
best examples


make it easy to read, normally use 2 sides A4

Attention to detail

check spelling and grammar, beware of cut and paste!

Don’t forget a covering letter

work experience

part-time job


student ambassador

something new?

enterprise intern

learn a language

student communications team

sustainability volunteer
sports coach

student radio

student newspaper

events crew




join a society
take up a sport

CV looks a bit empty... ?

union officer

Enterprising, creative, entrepreneurial?
Employers on Campus
Drop In 10 - 4.30
Monday to Friday
Level 1 Kingsgate
Look at our website

Use the CVs &Covering letters workbook

Get feedback on your CV from the Careers Service
3 things to do next
Employers on Campus

Does the movie trailer make you want to see the full film

A CV should...

be tailored to a specific work role

be short and accurate

show what you can do

hook in the employer and
get you an interview

How long will an employer spend on your CV before deciding whether to read on?

...it might be scanned by software

Tip 1 Target your CV
Tip 4 Making yourself stand out...
Make an impact
So remember...
Creating a great CV
The message, then and now
in the
the spring
in the
the hand
in a
a lifetime
Tip 3 Selling your Skills and Experience
Make an Impact
Tip 1 Target your CV
Tip 2 Make it Professional
Tip 3 Selling your skills and experience
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