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Languages:Reboot -full version

The Cramlington Langauges Curriculum

Chris Harte

on 9 July 2011

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Transcript of Languages:Reboot -full version

3 preconditions to learning Ganas - WIIFM
Belief – I can’t do it yet…
Do something differently –
if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got FLIP Lessons Flexible – can be when we need them in the cycle,
can take whatever form we need;
carousel, IL, whole class “reactive” teacher input,
rehearsal, catch up… Learner-led – learner choice is predominant (although this can be guided). There is choice both in the content and process of the learning In-time intervention –teacher is able to support and put intervention in place much more frequently; i.e. not having to wait until after an assessment before feeding forward Personalised –student and teacher able to have real learning conversations as to best learning path to be taken. Teacher can really get to know wants and needs of each student Paste a piece of coursework into Wordle and see which word
comes out biggest - are you using "j'aime" too much?
When you read, your brain does a lot of work before you even get to
the next word so you often skip mistakes. Wordle your work and mistakes
will stick out like a sore thumb! Motivation = Expectancy x Value The extent to which
the learner expects success
in their learning The value of the learning
to the learner x www.chrisharte.typepad.com
@charte Learning is social
Learning is about making connections
Learning is a life long process 1. If I want to go anywhere, I usually ask my
Dad to drive me because the buses are
always late and smell of wee.
2. I walk to school with my mate Mick, we
stop at Greggs to get a sausage roll for
breakfast then have a tab around the
back of the garages.
3. I suppose my favourite means of
transport is a Montgolfière as there are
never any traffic jams.
4. The last time I did travel in a hot air
balloon there was a peculiar incident with
a golden eagle and the Vicar's cassock, that
was jolly memorable.
5. I think that we could improve travelling
conditions in my area by deploying a whole
fleet of hot air balloons and Febreezing the
wee smell from the buses. We need to stop testing what is easy to test (memory) and start
testing students' ability to make connections between language, use the language of conviction, inference, humour and debate, for a real audience, with a real purpose in an interesting context. Key point
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