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Sneha Sunder

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Sneh, Asfa, Maisha, and Protichi :-) Women in Society Women at work
Their Goal was to fight the problems that were created by alcohol.
The members were concerned about the wives and children who were beaten, abused, neglected.
They had programs in schools to make kids aware of the dangers of drinking.
"Emily Stove and the women's literary Club"worked very hard to improve the working conditions of women working in the factories and sweetshop.
They tried to limit the stores and bars that sold alcohol.
Adelaide Hoodless went to persuade the schools to teach domestication. Women wore long skirts and dresses that were tucked in at their waist.
No one use to wear pants or jeans because it was very uncommon.
In 1918, the fashion began to change because the Eaton's catalogue was selling overalls for women. Most of the women worked in factories and they were required to work long hours.
A lot of the women were working in factories and stores.
Many of these women were unmarried.
They were were paid less than men for doing the same job.
Many women also worked as house hold servants. They were paid very less but this job was always in demand. Video of Neille McClung- Mock parliament These are some facts about the position of women in Canada in the late 1800s :
No women had the right to vote
Women weren't elected in federal or provincial government.
The man had more control over his family. He would collect their income and could put their children up for adoption
Women had to obey their husbands and could be legally beaten.
If women were head of household they could take up a homestead.
Girls were allowed to attend elementary and secondary schools. Less women in Canada had post- secondary education . Also, the University of Toronto didn't take women until the 1800s.
Many people used to think that jobs weren't necessary for women and so they weren't accepted for many professions. Different Organizations https://www.historica-dominion.ca/content/heritage-minutes/nellie-mcclung

So in this video Neille McClung held a mock Parliament on January 28, 1914. where she was making fun of the fact that men were allowed to vote. She also embarrassed the premier Roblin and made the audience laugh. Women Fashion VICTORY!!! Canada: A changing society- Women in 1900's Later in 1915, an election was held and the government of Premier Roblin of Manitoba was defeated. T.C Norris was the new premier and he gave women the right to vote after the bill was passed. Manitoba became the first Canadian province to give women the right to vote. Nellie McClung continued to fight for women in other provinces. Nellie McClung, Alice Jamieson and Emily Murphy- the day women won the vote in Alberta.
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