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Glidden Paint

No description

Kyle Aristizabal

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Glidden Paint

Glidden Brilliance Paint Collection The End The Toon Squad Strengths S. W. O. T. "Glidden gets you going." BIG IDEA Of Glidden Brilliance + Walmart 1. Integration - Target audience unaware of Glidden paint department in Walmart

- DIYers have no confidence Target Audience Problem ceiling paint
XL paint chips
largest retailer
2 in 1 paint/primer Weaknesses lack of awareness
painting is intimidating
brand perception Threats home improvement stores
landlords Opportunities employee training
in-store promotions DIY Dreamers Busy Mom's On-the-go unique & creative
"dream home"
21-30 year old women
no experience minority female renters
have children
kid-friendly products
current Walmart shopper
simple & affordable Put paint in a new light
You don't need to be a painter
Target experiences major life changes 3 steps:
1. Integration
2. Raise Awareness & Inspiration
3. Build loyalty new logo
paint windows
paint chip display
tester wall Create Buzz Facebook Tout Twitter "Love us or hate us" campaign
#hatetoglide 2. Awareness & Inspiration Non traditional media Catch target off guard
Inspire creativity Traditional Media Print Advertisements Walmart Trucks Advertising strategy Paint the Parking Lot Glidden Stairs In store 3. Build Brand Loyalty Out of Store Social Media Scratch Art Ad --> Better Homes & Gardens
People Style
Family Circle Social Media Events "Painting with a Twist" DayGlow “A little bit of paint,
a little bit of wine,
and a whole lot of fun!” Target audience can access our pages 24/7
Consumers want to be involved and engaged
with the client
Must be paying attention and listening
to our customers at all times Print Ads
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