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Netflix: S.W.O.T. Analysis

Rachel Davies, Henry Fairbairn, Maxx McNulty

Rachel Davies

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Netflix: S.W.O.T. Analysis

S.W.O.T. Analysis Integrity:
Maxx McNulty
Henry Fairbairn
Rachel Davies Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Viable Alternative #1 Company Description User Experience
Unlimited movies/TV episodes streamed directly to user
DVDs delivered quickly to home
Streaming Capability
Technology: downloading content to newer devices
Streaming service available on almost any Internet enabled devices
Large Subscriber Base
23.8 Million Subscribers DVD Segment Decline
Increased technology
Videos are being streamed online
2012: Loss of 3 million subscribers in DVDs
Price Conscious Consumers
Redbox Instant, Amazon's Prime Instant
Prevent from increase in prices of streaming services
Lack of Updating Movie Selection
Older & out of date movies cause user's not to check the website frequently Internet Retail Industry
World's largest subscription service company
Streaming movies and TV episodes
TVs, smart phones, computers, iPads
Started by sending DVDs by mail in U.S.
Internationally users can stream but not get DVDs by mail
Online advertising
Radio International Markets
Invested heavily across Europe esp. Nordic region in 2010
Increase subscriber base
Increasingly tapping into Latin America regions
6.1 Million subscribers in international segment
Creating and having original content
Planning on releasing original shows
In this year: creating move revenue & customers Competitive Enviorment
Redbox Instant- same price but offers 4 DVD's redeemable at various kiosks
HBO GO, Amazon, Hulu
Decent prices & good subscriber bases
Netflix Streaming Product: still the market leader by a big margin
Content Prices
Trying to sign more exclusive deals
Companies are facing inflated content prices
Debt load is increasing because of this
Major Industry Shift to Content Streaming
Netflix = Other competitors
Takes money to get content Adding more recent and popular content Viable Alternative #2 Cons: Create happier customer
Broaden types of consumers
Increase in amount of customers Pros: Very expensive
Need user's feedback to add relevant content
Slower streaming rates Opportunities Increase in Technology
The use of laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPads, nooks
Smart TVs have Netflix Button now Could provide DVD at local markets, kind of like Red Box, with kiosks but provide it for free for members already paying for DVD delivery package Pros
Could make it easier to provide their movies to their members
Besides through the Internet
Cost to much money
Have to form a membership with a company
Still does not add a face interation Strengths Technology
Easy navigation on the website
Good customer service
When a problem occurs with damaged DVDs or online connection issues
First move advantage
Customers can cancel their membership whenever they want. Viable Alternative #3 Going Enviormentally Friendly Making envelopes from recycled materials
Recycling DVDs that no longer work
Good Image for the Company
Please members who enjoy going green
Keeping up with the business is hard
Hard enough to focus on the business nevermind on going green and changing company Recommendations For Netflix to take the next step for their business to become successful they should
Create kiosks at local stores to make it easier for customers to acquire the movies
Have more up to date movies, to add to their fan base the new generations
Go green to create a more positive name for themselves
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