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Dumbo Octopus

No description

Jacob Manderfeld

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Dumbo Octopus

How does this little creature get from place to place? picture of a cute Dumbo Octopus!:) Dumbo Octopuses are usually found on the ocean floor, just above the floor, or even open water, just about 100-5000 feet below sea level.
1.has a soft body and can flush the transparent layer of their skin off at will.
2.has fins and webbed arms for swimming in the water. Where it lives and the climate of its home! What Dumbo Octopuses eat and how they get their delicious meal! They eat mainly crustaceans, worms, and bivalves. Sometimes Dumbo Octopuses eat small fish, and they get their food by searching the sea floor and then floats over the prey and pounces at it to capture it for its meal.
1.These octopuses eat their prey whole
2.Stay close/on the ocean floor
3.They are fast and they have two rows of cirri which are spikes that create a current to pull the prey towards its mouth. Its predator and how it gets away from the blood thirsty animals! The dumbo Octopuses predators are animals such as sharks, eels, whales, seals, and other big fish.
1.The Dumbo Octopus is a very fast swimmer because of its big ear-like fins
2.These incredible animals have a black ink that they can squirt out at predators, and it is toxic; even to the octopus itself
3.They are small animals, so they can hide in rocks and other crevices found on the ocean floor scientific name: Grimpoteuthis Bathynectes How the Octopus grows up and how it manages to stay alive while still young! staying alive, staying alive (ah ah ah ah!) Other interesting adaptations to this wonderful and adorable Dumbo Octopus! 1.Can change the color of their skin for camouflage
2.Lyes almost flat on the ocean floor
3.The male octopus has an enlarged segment on one of his arms to transport sperms to the female Dumbo Octopus Dumbo Octopus These octopuses move by either just floating along, flipping their fins or shooting water out its funnel
1.they have two ear-like fins above their eyes that push them along
2.Use their webbed arms too help the fins out
3.they can also shoot water out of their funnel First they hatch from an egg, and when they get into the water they find a cloud of plankton to stay in.
1.When still in its egg the mom takes care of it by gently blowing currents of water over the eggs so that the babies get enough oxygen
2.they stay in a cloud of plankton, rocks, and other crevices that would protect it. hope you enjoyed and learned lots about this wonderful dumbo octopus! :) The Dumbo octopus is a rare animal and since it lives so deep down in the ocean not a lot of facts are know about it. But we do know that it has a small body, and has skin that you can almost see through, big ear-like fins above its eyes, eight arms, and the color of it is usually pink.
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