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History- How far the government changed 1536-47


Chloe Mateides

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of History- How far the government changed 1536-47

Finance How far the government changed 1536-47 Changes in Finance Changes in Finance Limited Changes in Finance The Dissolution of the Monasteries doubled Henry’s annual income to £250,000

Due to the high demand for finance to fund wars, there was a debasement of the coin.

The traditional administrative courts were slow and inefficient Cromwell helped royal finances by setting up financial courts. Including the Court of First Fruits and Tenths to tax the clergy in 1534. And the Court of Augmentations to manage the property transferred from monasteries and the Court of General Surveyors in 1536.
The statue of Uses in 1536, sought to ensure that the crown received its correct share of payment from the landed classes. Some financial courts were already set up before 1536- Court of first fruits and tenths (1534). Court of General Surveyors was originally set up by Wolsey (made a permanent department by Cromwell)
Management of finance evolved gradually, starting with Edward IV, Yorkist. Henry VIII inherited his father’s system of chamber finance, 80% of royal revenues were transferred into the privy chamber, where income and expenditure were monitored by the king.
David Loades: “The Exchequer remained, processing certain traditional revenues...” (Before 1536, royal income had been paid into the Exchequer) Limited Changes in Finance True False

A person from each team stands up (back to back) and has to answer true or false by holding up the cards to each question. The person who holds up the right card first wins a point for their team. 3 questions each.

Teams: Tom, Laura, Helen
Sophie G, Sophie M, Charlotte

Tom vs Sophie G
Laura vs Sophie M
Helen vs Charlotte

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