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CN tower & Ostankino Tower

No description

Prudence Chan

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of CN tower & Ostankino Tower

CN tower & Ostankino Tower By: Prudence Chan Introduction to Ostankino Tower The Ostankino Tower is 540.1m(1772ft) tall. This tower was the first free-standing structure to exceed 500 m( 1600 ft.) It is the sixth tallest freestanding structure in the world as well as been remained the tallest structure in Europe for 42 years. It was the tallest in the world between 1967 to 1976, however was surpassed by CN Tower. It is located in Moscow, Russia.

It was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia. It is named after the Ostankino district of Moscow in which it was located Introduction to The CN Tower The CN Tower is 553.33m(1815.5ft) tall and is the fifth tallest freestanding structure in the world. It is located in Downtown Toronto, Ontario.

The CN Tower was built because there was a lot of tall buildings around that area that blocked TV and radio signals and also the transmission of data between businesses around the area. The Canadian National Railway decided to build a tallest communication tower and the CN Tower acted as a server for radio/TV signals; as well as a hub for two businesses that aren't visible to each other. The CN Tower acts as a transmission of files between two businesses. All About the CN Tower CN Tower is a concrete communications and observation tower, it contains 40,500 cube meters of concrete and weights 11, 800 tons. The construction started in 1972 and was completed in 1976. A total of 2 million international visitors visit annually. It was the world's tallest free-standing structure & world's tallest tower for 34 years; until Burj Khalifa and the Canton Tower was built. The CN Tower is also the Canada's symbol, it was awarded of "Seven Wonders of the World by American Society of Civil Engineers" and is a member of the "World federation of great towers." The total cost for building this tower is USD $63,000,000. All About the Ostankino Tower The purpose of an Ostankino Tower is for observation, telecommunications and tourism. The floor area of the whole tower is 15,000 meters square and weights over 55,000 tons. A total of 0.2 million of visitors visit annually. This tower is awarded "World's Federation of Great Towers." The total cost for building this tower is USD $ 65,000,000. Construction methods of CN Tower and Ostankino Tower The Ostankino Tower used the method of prestressed concrete, this is the method for over coming concrete's natural weakness. This method will make the concrete stronger and is usually used for these types of structures. This method can also let structures hold for a longer time.

The CN Tower used the construction method slip forming, this construction is where concrete is poured into a continuously moving form. This method is usually used for tall structures, this method lets concrete structures to be continuous, non-interrupted and flawless. Attractions inside CN Tower Observation level
First in the world
There is 342 m underneath the glass floor
The glass is 2 and a half inches(6 cm)
It is able to stand the weight of 14 hippos
Biggest feature
Breath-taking views!
Edgewalk is an amusement where thrill-seeker walk around the roof of the main pod of the tower at a height for 356m
World's height full-circle, hands-free walk
It is closed throughout the winter season and during periods of electricity storms/high winds
360 revolving dinner
It takes 72 minutes to go around the CN Tower
Wine place
9000 bottles
Broke Guinness world record in 2007
World's highest wine cellar
550 labels
3D movie theater
Shows the history of CN tower (documentary)
10,000 square feet of souvenir shop
Unique Canadian artist and souvenir shopping Structures of the CN Tower Lights
1330 super-bright LED lights
Goes until 2 A.M.
Changes lights to commemorate major events
Estimated cost to use the LEDs is $1000 per month

"Olga"- a Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane helicopter was used to remove the crane, and then build the antenna on the top of the tower in 36 sections. Using this method, it saved months of construction time, only using three and a half weeks instead of six months(plan.)

9 lifts/elevators
Number 1 elevator ride in the world by National Geographic; it is the longest ride
It takes under 60 seconds to reach the lookout level Features of the Ostankino Tower Observation platforms
Located in different levels of heights
Able to see the entire Moscow, even the near suburbs
Glass floors that can see the ground
Made out of shock-resistant glass
Visitors can have the feeling of "floating"
5 lifts/elevators
Elevators reaches 347 meters in 56 seconds
The seventh Heaven (it was closed after the fire accident in 2000) Similarities and Differences between CN Tower and Ostankino Tower 37 years old
2 million+ international visitors annually
Canada's symbol
weigh 11,800 tons
553.33 m tall
Tourist attraction, communication tower
construction method of slipforming
More awards than the Ostankino Tower
World famous
Famous elevator: recognized from National Geographic
Located in Canada TV towers
Are both members of the World's Federation of Towers
Are members of the freestanding structures award
(however CN Tower was fifth and Ostankino Tower was sixth.
Tourist attraction
Communication tower
Made from concrete CN Tower Ostankino Tower 46 years old
0.2 million visitors annually
540.1 m tall
weights over 55,000 tons
built with pre-stressed concrete
mainly communication tower
Tallest freestanding structure in Europe for 42 years
First TV tower that exceeded 500m
2 fire accidents happened due to old machines and no maintenance
Located in Russia References http://www.globeimages.net/img-ostankino-tower--moscow-russia-10499.htm
http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/895000/images/_898878_evening300.jpg Accidents that happened in the Ostankino Tower The Ostankino Tower caught on
fire 2 times: 27 August 2000
Destroyed most of the tower's interior design
Television and radio signals were interrupted around Moscow
More than 300 firefighters and other emergency workers were needed
Evacuation was completed 90 minutes after the fire started
Age and poor maintenance of the elctronic equpiment, must of which was made in the 1960s
Increasingly packed with equipment
Failure of fire systems
They then built a fire evevator in 2005 March 25th.

25 May 2007
Wasn't as worst as the one in 2000
Isolated to a platform on the outside of the tower
All was evacuated From this project, I learnt that we don’t really have to go to other countries to experience these landmarks, or landforms. Canada has got that! I found out that there are amazing features and interesting items within the CN Tower even though I never visited CN Tower before. When I got this project, I did not know anything about both towers, I have always thought that any tower in the world would be better than CN Tower. Even though I am still not sure about this statement after this one comparison, it still made me understand more about both landmarks and the good points about them. This project totally changed my view about this Canada’s symbol! In conclusion, I think that CN Tower is much better than Ostankino Tower in terms of the interesting features within. This was a surprising project and I had a lot of fun researching about both towers and their structure! What I learnt- picture reference list works cited CN Tower & Ostankino Tower By: Prudence Chan Canadian Tourism. (2009, September 17). CN Tower, Toronto -Ontario,Canada. Retrieved on
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