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interracial dating through the ages

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kessler armbruster

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of interracial dating through the ages

Interraccial dating Then and Now Introduction Me & California The Beginning 1960's The Right to Love Jumping to the present The men Where is the History MXI founder 1958 supreme court case
Loving vs. Virginia Understanding experience Musics influence;More than the bump and grind Raising present questions on interracial dating Seeing the depth on the issue The Right to Love Broke 1924 Racial Integrity Act Sentenced 25 years "TELL THE COURT I LOVE MY WIFE" "NO FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOM" My perspective The 60's The million person problem Black women's club/power movement Locations Escaping "Otherness" Jumping into the present telling MY own Story black men/white men Looking at the present Kids on Race The black and catholic perspective facing constant tension Jumping into the present experiencing the truth Where have we come? looking back at the past 50 years in detail, do we have a positive or negative community outlook on interracial dating? What are some ways that we can share about overcoming the color divide? What can we take away from the anderson cooper study? Are we actually educating our youth to be racist,Is there hope for a change? What are some things that you have done to overcome your individual stereotype or experiences? dominating oppression/ suppression
in the college environment The rappers perspective (pray for them) dont like it[be a consumer] More questions JD's "My house" The dating boom what do we do with religious difference? many ways to be racial in america, no monopoly. How to get people to let down the curtains/ confidence ? musics influence, defiling black women? Whats the LGBT experience? how do we embrace the college community? IRD
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