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My Classroom

How I use technology.

Ben Tomlinson

on 15 January 2010

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Transcript of My Classroom

My Classroom Capture, store, and convert audio/video files and transmit them to students in different forms. Capturing is the easy part! Just need a
webcam and the free software that
comes with it. The one I use is called
"ArcSoft VideoImpression 2". Using CamStudio has helped a great deal since I am using a tablet PC. This program records the audio from the microphone input, and the video from the computer screen, as apposed to the webcam. The tablet allows me to record the hand written mathematics as well as describe to them what is happening as I am writing. After all is said and done, with either of the methods mentioned above, these files are quite massive. This is where I use DVDVideoSoft's free file conversion tool. It takes ".avi" files and turns them in to ".flv" files, which takes up much less room on the computer. Display data gathered from external hardware. Gathering the data is the most fun. No telling what adventures we can relate to mathematics! Garmin MapSource is a mapping tool that comes with the purchase of supported Garmin products. This tool allows me to take data from the real world and put it in to a presentable file, such as scalc or excel. Then I can create graphs of any types of data. Something as simple as riding a bike, driving a car, or even walking around the block can all be put into some type of mathematical relationship. Or you could go hiking through the Smoky Mountains, sailing to a deserted island, or even climbing the sand dunes at Sleeping Bear. Google Earth is a program that can display ".gpx" files, which are the same format that the Garmin saves in. This helps the students get a global view of where the data was gathered. Future Classroom Communication and Organizational Systems Running parallel with the HOLT online resources, students would have a registered email through a collaborative workspace to be named later. (Google, Prezi, drip.io, Moodle, Wiggio, etc.) Each Student with a Laptop + USB Tablet Students can access Holt online materials from their individual desks for Quizzes and Tests. Students would be connected to the Internet wirelessly so they could email their warm-ups/homework from the hour. Video Capture Real world data Ability to display, interact, and relate content to and with students. Efficiency Microsoft OneNote is a program that allows me to use my tablet as if it were a "notebook". Using each page as an un-ending eight and a half by eleven sheet of paper, I can draw, copy & paste, create, and discuss anything. Combine OneNote with Microsoft's Experience Pack for the Tablet PC, and you have hundreds of ways to bring content to the students. On screen snipping tools Take screen shots and paste them into your OneNote notebook snipped using Experience Pack Wireless Projecting of Audio/Video With a product called the InFocus II, the Tablet PC takes on a whole new dimension. It enables the teacher to move around the room with "no strings attached". Benefits:

1. Displaying student work (practice problems)

2. Creates seamless transitions for teachers

3. Proximity control (distance from students) By enabling the InFocus to act as an Access Point (requires administrative security), the Tablet PC can access the internet wirelessly.
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