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tyler johnson

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Education

51%- Doesn't have a child that performs well in the traditional school setting
43%- Want a change of environment from their current school settings
42%- Want a more flexible schedule
32%- Want a more controlled educational setting
16%- Reported that their child was bullied at a previous school
7%- Students pursuing a career arts or athletic careers

Benefits of Online Education
The Cost of Education
Online Education, K-12
-Education from anywhere in the world

-Offers Online help forums for students

-Immediate feedback

-Online degrees are becoming more relevant

-Allows students to access learning material at any time
Taylor, Jake, Tyler, and Nathan
Forced Engagement
Online education in college
Who uses it?
Home schooled children
Kids with illnesses or injuries
The disabled

The Big Picture
New scientific ideas of teaching can be applied

Massive amount of data helps determine how people learn best

The next step in the evolution of education

Personalized Education
Leaner and Cheaper
Global Student Body
Why Minerva?
What is it?
The Future Of Online Education

Tuition cost in American Colleges has risen at twice the rate of Health Care since 1985

Significantly lower cost than offline colleges

Opportunities for low income families
Leaner and Cheaper

Global Student Body

Forced Engagement

Personalized Education
How online education is growing
Narrower focus than might be ideal
Attracts many who might not be best fit for the courses
Currently, new institutions do not have the best track record.
Young Children
Easy Access
Mom & Dad
High pressure environment
Frequent pop quizzes
Cap of 19 students per class
Standard college system outdated
Immediate feedback
“Maybe the next Albert Einstein or the next Steve Jobs is living somewhere in a remote village in Africa, and if we could offer that person an education, they would be able to come up with the next big idea and make the world a better place for all of us.”

What to look forward to
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