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Winkybob Rongel

No description

Marcus Rongel

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Winkybob Rongel

Born: October 31, 2009 in Miami Florida. At 4 years old, Winkybob gets his shots for school in 2013 he is starting in kindergarten
because he is too kool for pre-k. In 2013 he started school. In 2022 he starts high school and he is the star athlete. In 2024 he gets his drivers license. He gets a job at jack in the box in 2024. He gets a car with money he got from working and help from his parents. In 2027 he starts college at University of South Florida. Him and his family move to Fruitvale Texas. He is going to college to be a pediatrician. Winkybob=) in 2031 he graduates college and gets a job at the Tampa
General Hospital He then moves to Tampa Florida to go to college. He then graduates high school in 2026. he then gets married to Jose Waterson. while in Tampa he is living in an awesome condo. they move to dallas texas into
a nice home. They move into a house in dallas,
the address is 8444 ridge creek drive. he then quits his job a year later
and goes to play in the NBA jose has a kid named
Pablo Mcbobby wilson rongel
in 2034 the first team he plays on is are the LA Clippers and makes a lot of money he is a star and gets noticed quickly. He then gets invited to the Dallas Mavericks. his favorite team.=) while in the NBA he makes tons of money and is having a good life. and it is now his birthday and he is 27 He gets his number changed to 32 because that is his favorite number. Winkybob and Jose sale both their cars and buy an Escalade EXT, an Aston Martin Vanquish, an S7 Saleen and a Nissan Skyline GTR. they then move into an awesome house in Dallas. at the age of 29 him and his wife have another kid, this time
a girl and her name is Stacey Nicole Rongel. Since it is the future, Winkybob buys a hover car. he is now 35 years old and is getting old...
he decides to go on vacation to the Bahamas. that year he retired from the NBA as well at the age of 45 he gets a job as a basketball coach
at Dallas ISD. when he is 48 him and his varsity basketball team goes to playoffs and gets second place. three years later he quits his job and retires completely. he plans to stay home with his wife and children. in 2066 a tragic event happens. Winkybob is killed walking down the street with his family. he gets shot in the head by a former basketball player. he kills him because Winkybob embarresses him in front of tons of people. THE END
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