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No description

Sara Elizabeth

on 7 July 2010

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Transcript of eBay

Ryan Pattison
Matthew Phillips
Andy Piatkowski
Sara Podbielski
Max Raskin
Miranda Rosati
Jennine Zielonka
History Founded by Pierre Omidyar

Meg Whitman was hired as president and CEO in March 1998

Romantic view of leadership

Launched in 1995 as Auctionweb

Took EBay public & helped it grow from 30 employees, half a million users & a revenue stream of 4.7million to 15,000+ employees, millions of users, & revenues of 7.7billion

Meg Whitman stepped down to pursue a career in politics in 2008 Strengths Brand name

Weaknesses Fraud, system breakdowns

Opportunities Acquisitions
Expansion in India, China
Market Penetration

Threats Competition
Malicious spoofing
Uncontrollable costs by eBay
Strategy What They are Pursuing eBay follows a strategy to set
itself apart from competitors: Services Offered: About Me


Seller Stores

Rater Feedback Financial Assessment Why Firms use Strategic Groups Strategic Group Map- Positioning of companies
within an industry in regards to two main categories

X-Axis: Sense of Security
Y-Axis: Ease of Use
Identify Barriers
Identity Competition
Direction of Future
Anticipating Tends
eBay and Competition eBay is in an ever expanding internet auction marketplace

*it competes over internet and
with local newspapers, garage
sales, flea markets, retail stores

began to dominate the market when it realized the limitations of its competitors
eBay’s current focus:
facilitating buyers and sellers meetings
exchanging information
conducting transactions
*This focuses on the Sense of
eBay has generated positive income per share every year since they were created, a positive statistic that neither Amazon or Yahoo! can boast. Although eBay doesn’t currently hold the top spot in income per share, they still generate high returns.
Financial Intro Ebay has been doing very well financially
since they were created in 1995 and still
continue to grow today.

They lead the market in sales volume
and have a higher profit and net
income then their main competitors.
Long Term Competitive
Financial Performance To keep Market Share and increase profits:

Work with businesses to include more business to consumer transactions
Ex) iPad
Continue acquiring other countries top auction sites and merge them with eBay
eBay's Goals:
Fend off encroachment from rivals
Maintain its focus
Build the infrastructure and management team to continue to evolve. eBay's Strategy Map Key Success factors Ease of Use - If a website is generally hard to use, you will eventually lose customers.
Security - If customers do not feel safe and secure about using the internet to buy goods they will not use your service.
Security Fraudulent and illegal acts include:
Misrepresentation of goods
Counterfeit goods
Pirated goods
Failure to deliver
Shill bidding
1996 Feedback Forum Build trust among buyers and sellers.
Encouraged Individuals to record comments about trading partners.
1998 Safe Harbor Added additional safeguards
*Actively working with law enforcement agencies

Investigations group formed
examined reported trading violations and possible misuses, and ensured that illegal items were not being sold Partnered With: Collector’s Universe
Parcel Plus
Ease of Use Programs were created in order to make
eBay easier to sell and buy items online.
About Me
*allowed users to create their own
home page that could be viewed by all
other eBay members free of charge
*Gallery – allowed users to
showcase their items as pictures in
a photo catalog
My eBay (1998)
*Gave users centralized access to
confidential, current information
regarding their trading activities.
Other Improvements: Helped in expanding pre-trade and post-trade value-added activities
*(assistance with scanning and uploading photographs of listed
items, third party escrow services, arrangements to make
shipping easier)

Content-specific chat rooms
*allowed individuals to learn about their chosen collectibles
and to exchange information about items they collected

New product categories
*Over 2,000 categories were added between 1998 and
2000 to make a total of 3,000
*Big improvement from 10 in 1995
Partnered With: Mail Boxes

Which factor is more important? Without one or the other, a company like eBay would be likely to fail, so in our opinion there is not just one key success factor as both are equally important.
Heavily Promoting: Spinning shield
Bullet points
* Program does not cost extra (Absolutely free!)
* Quick access to customer support
* Covers purchase price plus original shipping
Recommendations Fun Facts! Porter's Five Forces Bargaining Power of Suppliers & Buyers
*Similar within Industry
Rivalry within the Industry
Competition is Concentrated
Amazon, Yahoo!, Overstock.com
Profit Margin is Relatively Low

Switching to In-Store Retail, FP
Cost is High
Threat of Substitutes Threat of New Entrants Initially Low
*Cheaper for internet-based co.
*No Brand Loyalty yet
*Competitive Edge- High Capital
*High Brand Loyalty
Barriers to Entry eBay in Europe was forecasted to be bigger than in U.S.
eBay teamed with Yahoo! for cross-border bidding
Most Longterm potential:
eBay in Asia
Global Competition
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